Fun In The Bath With Child's Farm

Fun In The Bath With Child’s Farm

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For a really long time Erin has loved a bath. Except for on nursery days (because she falls asleep so early), Erin has a bath at least an hour long and it’s one of her favourite times of the day. However, being in the water so much, especially in winter, can really dry out Erin’s skin and she has eczema prone skin too. Child’s Farm kindly sent us some of their products for Erin to try.

Child's Farm products

When it comes to baths Erin has a few things she needs and the first is a shampoo that can deal with her hair. Unfortunately, like me, Erin has really fine, flyaway hair but lots of it and a lot of children’s shampoos don’t do much good. The watermelon & organic pineapple hair and body wash claims that it will leave ‘hair shiny and tangle-free and skin wonderfully soft’ so it had a lot to live up to.

Erin in the bath

Let me start by saying that Child’s Farm products smell AMAZING. However, they also do a whole range of unfragranced products if you don’t want to use something scented on your baby or child. I love that there are options.

Even after using the watermelon & organic pineapple hair and body wash for the first time I was impressed. I only needed a small amount to lather up all of Erin’s hair (and there’s a lot of it) and it rinsed out really easily. The real test came the next morning. I didn’t brush Erin’s hair through after the bath so I was expecting her hair to be a tangled mess in the morning. Instead I could brush through it with such ease and Erin didn’t moan once about me doing it. That’s a success in my eyes.

Erin in the bath

In the past I have been known to steal Erin’s bubble bath. I don’t know why but hers have always had a much nicer scent than my own and the blueberry and organic mango bubble bath is one of my favourites. As soon as I opened the tube I wanted to get Erin in the bath. Not only does this one smell fantastic but the bubbles are fantastic. All too often a bubble bath is really disappointing and the bubbles disappear really quickly. These bubbles lather up really well and they last the whole length of the bath too!

Erin in the bath

It’s great to have a range of products that are not only fun for children to use but that won’t irritate or annoy their skin. I will definitely have to buy Erin some more of the bubble bath soon and I also want to get some of the travel size products to take on our trips away this year!


Fun In The Bath With Child's Farm

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