Game ideas for your next Christmas party

Game ideas for your next Christmas party

Here’s the definitive guide to the top ten games to entertain the family this Christmas, and even keep the kids entertained! From multiplayer/ group games to single player challenges this guide includes loads of fun examples of how to create that perfect Christmas environment.

A game for all the family and friends

Start the party with “Post It Notes”. A simple game that involves slapping a Post-It Note on your friend’s forehead and scribbling the name of a celebrity on it. Then they have to guess who they have written on their forehead. This game provides hours of entertainment.

Have fun with friends with the game

“Rapidough” and relive your childhood. This game involves players splitting into two teams, each with a ball of dough. The object is to frantically create a designated animal/ object so the rest of their team can guess what they have made. The first person to guess wins. This is high-paced fun!

A game for old and young ones!

The perfect Christmas Spirit with classic “Jenga”. This simple but brillaint game requires no limit on players, and offers a great moment to watch mates fail when all the blocks come tumbling down. Build blocks, take blocks away, this simple formula makes Christmas much more exciting, and lets the Christmas dinner go down a treat.

For the Kids

“Kerplunk” is frustrating at times but they will love it. The set-up time takes awhile and steady hands are needed for this game! But like Jenga, there is the thrill of bringing a perfectly balanced piece to a a crashing finish.

For the budding artists and critic

Try “Pictionary” this Christmas. Players draw what they read on their designated card as fast as they can, similar to Rapidough, and their team frantically try to guess what obscure shape they have drawn. A great way to see if you know how your friend’s minds work.

A new game to try for the family

In the exciting “Coin Game” you place 5-10 2p Coins between the player’s knees. Watch them wobble as they try to place them in a pint glass you’ve set 2m away. This is great fun and you get to see your mates looking like fools. Until it’s your turn.

For the flexible family

Try something new with the “Cereal Box Game”. With an old cereal box placed in the centre of the floor, get family and friends to bend down to pick it up with their teeth. Once they have all passed this round, rip another layer to make it shorter and try again! A great way to find out who did gymnastics on the quiet, and who’s had too much to drink!

The essential Boxing Day game

“Monopoly,” an old classic is perfect for Boxing Day. A good few hours are needed to play as this game requires serious thought, and leeching money off your pals.

The Party Piece

This one is a great trick to play on your unsuspecting mate. Place a 1p coin on his forehead and press for about 30 seconds. The slick it off unnoticed and say to him/ her that you don’t think they can knock it off by hitting the back of their head. Looks very funny, but make sure you choose the right mate.

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