New Year’s Eve etiquette tips

New Year’s Eve etiquette tips

It’s New Year’s Eve and everybody is celebrating! That may be true in some sense of the word, but are they celebrating the way that you do? Not necessarily, as people tend to celebrate special occasions in style, but differently. With that in mind, here are some New Year’s Eve etiquette tips.

Focus on your own New Yearís Eve celebration, not that of others. Socialize with them graciously, but do not force anyone to engage in your celebration, as it may not be appropriate for their lifestyle. If you insist, they may agree to celebrate with you, even though they would prefer to spend their time with someone else or somewhere else. It may not be fun for them or for you.

Plan to spend New Year’s eve with close family and friends who you know you can trust. When you know the people you are with, you are also aware of how they behave in different circumstances. They also know how you behave and what they expect of you. their celebration and general lifestyle will be similar to theirs.

Avoid crowded places! If you are ill, stay at home and celebrate there instead. No one really has to go out to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Enjoy a good movie or DVD instead. If you do not feel well, go to bed early. You can celebrate on New Year’s Day in style then, or when you feel better.

Remember that New Year’s Eve celebrations are often personal and that almost everyone makes some kind of New Yearís Eve resolutions. These may include life style changes, with regard to diet, the use or abuse of nicotine, alcohol or drugs. Encourage others to keep their resolutions and make a point of keeping yours. Remember that others may not want to listen to your whole list of New Year’s Eve resolutions at a party.

Be careful what you do. You life might be endangered by something that you or others engage in, at a New Year’s Eve celebration. Make your personal safety, as well as that of others, your first priority, particularly when you are heading home after the celebration. Make certain that you have a designated driver, someone who will not be drinking.

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Be polite and sensitive to the needs of others, regardless of who they are or what they have done in the past. Love of one another is always important. Remember that not everyone has the same cultural beliefs or customs. Make certain that what you say and do is socially and politically correct.

When you leave the party, remember to thank your host, graciously. If necessary, apologize and leave the party early, particularly when stormy winter weather is expected. You and others do not want to stranded, on a highway somewhere.

Do not fight, argue, embarrass or intimidate others at a New Year’s Eve party. A celebration is supposed to be fun for everyone, not a get-together, where people abuse one another. Always use appropriate language with everyone.

Maintain moderation as your guideline, with respect to what you eat or drink. No one really wants to be with someone who is a glutton or becomes inebriated at a New Yearís Eve party. Wear mild scented perfume, so that it does not offend or overpower others.

Dress appropriately for your New Year’s Eve celebration. Do not overdress. Keep track of your purse, coat, boots, etc. at all times. Be aware that there may be those present, who use special occasions to steal watches, rings, purses, etc. Know where your credit cards are at all times too. Make certain that your money is in a safe place. Leaving them at home, might be a better idea.

If you have tickets for a New Year’s Eve celebration, remember to take them with you. No one wants to arrive at a party and not be able to enter, because they have forgotten their tickets. If it is a house party, you might consider taking an appropriate gift for the host.

With these suggestions in mind, have a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration, in style!

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