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Christmas certainly isn’t all about humans, it’s about dogs too. Jackson deserves Christmas presents as much as anyone else, although I’m not sure I would say he’s always a good dog. This is Jackson’s second Christmas and last year he did well at opening the presents we got him. This year he’s a bit more spoiled, probably because we have Erin now as well.

We have got Jackson his very own advent calender this year. I didn’t want him to be left out. I also got him a flashing Christmas ball and a pretty angry looking squeaky carrot toy. All three of these products came from Rosewood.

Something we have a problem with for Jackson is finding toys that last. He’s a bit of a beast of a dog and generally destroys anything within half an hour. Normally quicker. The lovely people at PetSafeUK sent Jackson some really tough toys to try out.

Jackson immediately smelt that the box was for him. He bounced around the living room like a maniac until I opened up the package. He then attempted to get one of the toys off of the dining room table! When I finally gave Jackson the Busy Buddy Bouncy Bon he went absolutely mental for it.

What I love about this toy and the Busy Buddy Jack is that they’re made from a really strong rubber as well as a plastic that Jackson hasn’t been able to break. Both the Bouncy Bone and the Jack toys are circular rawhide treats that attach to them and they really do keep Jackson occupied for ages.

We have tried Jackson with Kong treat dispensers before and we haven’t got on with them very well. The treats fall out too quickly and then Jackson gets bored. Thankfully, this is not what happens with the Busy Buddy Squeak ‘n Treat Booya though. This product has a ‘Treat Meter’ which randomly dispenses treats and you can also adjust the flow to suit your dog. It also randomly bounces and squeaks too.

These products are perfect presents for big dogs like Jackson. They’re especially perfect for dogs who are tough on their toys! I know these toys will keep Jackson entertained for a while while we open presents with Erin.


9 thoughts on “Gifts for Dogs”

  1. We don’t have pets due to my allergies but I always have fun choosing something for my best friend’s dog! He is a tiny Westie so the flashing ball might be fun!

  2. Now that is a beautiful doggie you have there. He’s gorgeous and totally deserving of some treats.
    My daughter was searching for a jumper for our dog … ‘A jumper for our dog’ … I cant believe I have to consider such purchases!

  3. I love the carrot one, it looks so funny. What great toys. We always get dog gifts for Christmas. It’s so hard to leave them out. x

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