Snuggle up in a SnuggleSac

I love finding a local company that makes a fantastic product. We live in a big, old, Victorian house that is drafty and cold. We don’t have central heating so when I find something to help us, and Erin stay warm, I get excited. The SnuggleSac is perfect for us!SnuggleSac

Now that Erin is nearly a year old we’re looking to get her out of the normal baby sleeping bag and into something a bit more grown up. On a recent visit to my mum’s, Erin had a duvet for the first time and she snuggled up to it with no problems and slept soundly. I like her to feel a bit more secure though and a bit more wrapped up. The SnuggleSac is perfect for us!

The SnuggleSac is essentially an indoor sleeping bag and they range from Toddler age (1-3 years) to children and teen and then to adult SnuggleSacs!

When our SnuggleSac arrived I was very surprised to see what it came in. Each SnuggleSac comes in its very own tote bag. I love this! It means that if you want to take this away with you it won’t get dirty or wet! This would be perfect for camping or sleepovers for older children!

We have the toddler SnuggleSac in the grey star design, although there are loads more available!  Other designs include a dalmatian, dinosaur, Harry Potter or a flower fairy! I’m not one for picking anything overly ‘girly’ for Erin and her bedroom is very neutral so the grey star design was perfect for us.

Prices start at £40 and personalisation is available as an extra as well.

The SnuggleSac is so soft and cosy! The pillow piece and the outer fabric is a very soft fleece material while the lining is 100% cotton. With something like this I worried about being able to wash it easily. However, this is machine washable and it can be tumble dried; perfect for when you need it cleaned quickly!

The toddler size is designed to fit the size of a cot bed (150cm x60cm) and Erin’s cot is a little bit smaller than this. However, it doesn’t make too much of a difference and it still fits well enough.

Although this is something we use for Erin at night at the moment I can see us snuggling up together on the couch watching Disney films in it before too long!

You can find SnuggleSac on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: We were sent a SnuggleSac for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own. 


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