Giving My Feet A Pamper For National Feet Week

Giving My Feet A Pamper For National Feet Week

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Our feet do a lot for us. They put up with walking in ridiculous heels, they chase around after children and they walk a crazy amount of miles without us giving them enough rest. I couldn’t even tell you how many nights out I had when I was younger where my feet hurt so much at the end of the night so I took my heels off, danced around them and somehow hobbled home in bare feet. They definitely weren’t my best days.

National Feet Week foot products

The reason why I am talking about feet so much is because it is National Feet Week and until recently, I can’t say that I knew that it was a thing. For some reason, I think we don’t think about our feet often enough, especially when it comes to things we look after on a regular basis. I mean, I think I left my nail polish on last summer and just sort of let it grow out rather than remove it.

National Feet Week

To make sure we pay a bit more attention to our feet, not just this week but all year round, I was sent a little bundle of products that could help. Our feet really do go through a lot and products such as Palmer’s coconut oil foot oil, Palmer’s coconut sugar foot scrub, Pernaton gel and Dr Anders Intensive Rescue Balm can really help. 

Giving My Feet A Pamper For National Feet Week

From now on, I want to take better care of my feet and take some time each week to look after them, like I would other parts of my body. I spend at least a few minutes a day moisturising or half an hour a month getting my nails done so I know I can spare at least a bit of time on my feet. Without this, feet can end up with bigger problems that might not be easy to fix such as athlete’s foot, hard or cracked skin or maybe ingrown toe nails. Of course, if you do find that you have any of these problems that it might be worth finding out how a Podiatrist can help!

Now, if I could get rid of the tan lines from my sandals last summer that would be great!


Giving My Feet A Pamper For National Feet Week

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