Gourmet Popcorn From Popcorn Shed

Gourmet Popcorn From Popcorn Shed

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We’re a family who loves our snacks. John in particular loves popcorn and it’s one of his favourite things to snack on.Β Popcorn Shed got in touch recently and offered to send us some of their delicious sounding flavours to try so of course, I had to say yes!

Popcorn Shed products

I really like that Popcorn Shed offer a range of sizes with their packs. There are big ‘shed’ boxes available as well as snack packs and also jars. The snack packs are a great way to try all of the flavours without buying big boxes, just in case there are some you don’t like.

Popcorn Shed snack packs

As soon as I opened the first bag I was hit was the most delicious smell. The smell was a mix of what you would expect from cinema popcorn mixed with a bag of toffee popcorn. It made me immediately want to eat the whole bag as quickly as I could.

Popcorn Shed butterly nuts

The popcorn has such a lightness to it than you can hear the crunch even when someone else is eating it (but not in a gross, annoying way) and you can hear the freshness thanks to the foil inside the packaging. We recently tried some other popcorn that John was really not a fan of but as soon as he tried this proclaimed how delicious it was.

Popcorn Shed butterly nuts

Popcorn Shed’s products aren’t just your regular, boring bags of popcorn. Inside you get popcorn mixed with delicious flavours and added extras such as nuts. It’s one thing to add in a flavour of something but actually adding in those extra ingredients makes the Popcorn Shed’s products that bit more extra special.

Some flavours have definitely been more of a hit in our house than others but we would definitely buy these again. The snack packs are perfect for adding into lunchboxes or for making sure you don’t eat one of the bigger boxes in just one sitting!


Gourmet Popcorn From Popcorn Shed

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