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Erin is now 7 months old and summer is in full swing. This is the first year that John and I haven’t had a holiday. We were too scared to book one/ go on one with Erin in tow. If I had known about HomeExchange a bit earlier in the year, we would have probably been somewhere else right now.

HomeExchange makes it possible to go anywhere in the world without the hassle and cost of a normal family holiday. Instead of being stuck in a stuffy hotel, villa with shared pool or tiny little B&B, HomeExchange  gives you the option of a property share with like-minded people. I wouldn’t want crazy party animals in my home. Unlike other similar sites, you swap homes instead of paying to stay in someone else’s house!

Why a villa holiday is for everyone

A HomeExchange holiday is something John and I are looking into for next year. We live in a lovely, quiet little town in Norfolk and I’m sure families would love to stay here. We would love to go somewhere like Portugal, Spain or France and swap with another family. What really draws me in is that we would have the option of choosing a very family friendly home.  Other members have already shared their experiences on the blog.

John  and I never really had holidays as children and we want Erin to experience different countries and cultures. This may be our only way of showing her what is out in the world because of the cost of proper holidays.

There are so many advantages to going on a HomeExchange holiday, especially with a baby!

PACKING IS EASIER by borrowing travel beds, strollers, baby carriers, changing mattresses, baby hammocks, toys… so you don’t have to take ALL your equipment with you.

AVOID LAST MINUTE WORRIES as everything is in one place and ready for you; the same as when you visit the grandparents.

ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY and stay for free knowing you can keep to your family and baby’s usual routine, just the same as if you were at home.

SLEEP WELL AND RELAX without the concerns of staying in a hotel where your baby may wake up guests.

GET MORE SPACE as baby and parents have their own rooms; no more stays in a cramped hotel room.

AVOID TIME PRESSURES as there’s no need to rush downstairs to catch the hotel breakfast.

HAVE A WELL-DESERVED BREAK and enjoy meeting new friends by venturing beyond your neighbourhood, your exchange partner may even introduce you to their own friends with kids.

RETURN TO PEACE AND QUIET for your baby’s afternoon nap while you prepare the next activity or just relax.

GET INSIDER TIPS from your exchange partner on the best baby friendly parks, activities and workshops.

HAVE YOUR OWN KITCHEN with microwave, dishes and spoons to cook and prepare your baby’s food rather than buying readymade supermarket porridge.


I have a fantastic opportunity for one of my readers. HomeExchange are allowing me to giveaway a year’s membership to HomeExchange.com (worth £100). If you’re looking to travel either on your own, or with your family, this would be a great thing to try.

Enter through the Rafflecopter giveaway below. A winner will be drawn on 27th August and their details will be passed on to HomeExchange.

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18 thoughts on “Hassle free holidays with HomeExchange”

  1. I’ve heard of them. Not really sure though if I’m comfortable with the idea of strangers in ours house, other than that, I think it’s a fab idea (for ones who aren’t paranoid than me 😉

  2. Such a clever idea, but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable letting a complete stranger into my home or go through the hassle of removing everything personal before they arrive. I know a couple of friends have swapped home with people for a week or two and most of them had a pleasant experience but as with all things in life, it’s the negative examples that stick with you.

    1. Unfortunately, that’s always the case! I think you just need to remember that their personal belongings will be in their home as well.

  3. This would be perfect if I didn’t have a house that has children’s stuff everywhere haha. Plus, I am sooooo scared at the thought of strangers being in my home with all my personal stuff. But I do see how this could be an amazing alternative to going away on a typical summer holiday. It does take the stress out of a hotel etc….

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

    1. I think you have to remember that you’d be in their home with all of their personal things as well. That would put my mind at ease I think.

  4. I reallly like the idea of this but not sure if i would be happy with a stranger in my house. Im ki da weird in that i love staying in hotels and apartments when on holiday 🙂

  5. As a homeexchanger (and I also work at HomeExchange.com) the idea may sound scary at first, but it isn’t. First of all, nobody ever does an exchange with a stranger. The whole process serves to eliminate that fear and to make sure that you feel so totally comfortable with these people coming into your house and that you are going to have a comfortable experience in their house. By the time you do your exchange, it’s not even a factor.

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