Incontinence happens to the best of us

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of pregnancy is having those embarrassing little accidents. Someone I used to work with one told me about having pretty massive accident right outside her front door. These things happen to the best of us. Incontinence in adults is a pretty big thing but for some reason, it’s not really spoken about too much. I wish it was, which is why I want to share my own experience with you.

I have always had a weak bladder, even without being pregnant. I’d get up to go to the toilet at least once a night and then be bursting again by the time I woke up. Our toilet is downstairs so getting there quickly is not easy. All throughout my pregnancy I suffered from an even weaker bladder than normal. I was drinking more to make sure I was staying hydrated (and because of heartburn) but it was also because of the baby using my bladder as a pillow. Erin seemed to think it was a wonderful thing to sleep on!

When you’re at home and things happen it’s not a big deal. If something did happen at home at least you can get changed or have a shower. It’s when you’re out and about that can be a real issue.

I worked a lot during the first half of my pregnancy.  I was in pain from trying to hold things in because I didn’t want any little accidents, even tiny ones happening. My job meant not being able to run off immediately when I needed to which then left me uncomfortable and embarrassed. Life would have been a lot easier had I thought about using incontinence products. I didn’t know there was such a large range of products available for this kind of thing. I really wish I had been more aware while I was pregnant.

The people at Hartmann really have something for everyone. If, like me, you wouldn’t even know where to start with what products to try or what would suit you, their website has a Product Selector to make it super simple.

As you can see from the pictures, the product selector is a six step process. It takes into account plenty of different lifestyle issues and comes up with possible options. Products available include pads and pants in a range of sizes for different issues.

 Hartmann make it possible to shop for incontinence products with an embarrassing trip to a shop or supermarket. I live in a small town and I don’t think I would want people (customers) seeing me buy these products. Delivery is discreet so no one need ever know what you’re buying!

Hartmann would be my number 1 choice for buying incontinence products, should I need them at any point!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all words and opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “Incontinence happens to the best of us”

  1. I think it is great that programs initiatives and products like this are available because we should de-stigmatize incontinence. It could happen to any of us!

  2. I never thought that it might be a problem so it’s so great that you are talking about this. Definitely worth knowing

  3. Though I have never had kids before (not yet anyway) I have always suffered from weak bladder so this is so for me. I need to check it out

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