How to create a functional space for your tools

How to create a functional space for your tools

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The key to an effective tool storage system is simple functionality. 

Whether you’re only just getting started as a contractor or you’ve gathered more DIY supplies than you thought possible, keeping your kit organised is crucial. And if you’re using the same tools every day, keeping them in good, clean working order will help you get the best value out of your kit. 

Storage plays a huge part in maintenance, so no matter your experience, it’s always worth learning some of the best tool storage tips. 

Keeping your tools handy: Our storage suggestions

  • Use floating metal shelves

A timeless classic for garage storage space, metal floating shelves provide a simple, hassle-free solution to practical storage without demanding any floor space. Whether you use simple level shelves or add drawers, boxes and hooks, metal shelves can be personalised in almost any way possible.

Use waist-high frames for the base of the unit – and back it with floating shelves and pegboards for maximum convenience. You could even add strong hooks to store larger items like ladders and shovels. Just remember that if you’re doing any heavy lifting at work, you should always use a good handling technique to keep safe.

  • Install a tool chest cabinet

Keep your tools in order by throwing a mobile workbench into the mix. Whether you’re working across multiple sites or trying to finish a job bit by bit, a tool chest cabinet could be ideal for keeping all your everyday tools at hand.

Furthermore, if your cabinet is fixed in one place, you’ll be able to start and follow a logical order where storage is concerned. Knowing exactly where you’ve placed each tool could be invaluable. And whether you opt for a wall-mounted or portable solution, choose quality, durable kit like Milwaukee toolboxes to keep your kit stowed safely.

  • Build a pegboard

If you’re on a budget, why not build a pegboard? 

A simple wooden pegboard installation could hold over 45kg, which is certainly enough to hold your most essential hand tools in one place. From hand power tools to shovels, rakes and hammers, you could effectively store the tools you reach for most often in one, convenient place. And for working on the move, you could take the smaller ones in a compact box.

From trendy industrial designs to makeshift bike storage builds, you can check out pegboard inspiration online before starting your project.

  • Make a foam board for small tools

Keeping the fiddly tools in one place might feel tricky – especially when you’re working around dusty sites across multiple levels. With a foam board, you can keep drill bits, bolts, nuts and more in one carved-out spot, ready for easy on-demand access.

Keeping the smaller pieces safe is integral to completing jobs efficiently. Rather than wasting time scrambling around for one missing piece, you’ll know just where to go straight away.


Keeping your tools organised is key to your day-today productivity as a contractor. Whether you’re stripping out an old garage or you’re replacing your kit, it’s never too late to improve the way you store your tools. Just remember to use safe and recommended techniques if you’re completing your project with a power tool. 

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