How outdoor lights can transform your garden this summer

How outdoor lights can transform your garden this summer

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During the warmer months so many of us try to make the most of our gardens, no matter how big or small they might be. One easy way to spruce up your garden is with outdoor lights. Discover some ideas in this post.

Mains powered lights

Many people have their gardens hooked up to an electricity supply. This might be lights that are wired in, or are connected via a plug. There are plenty of options for plug-in lights, such as fairy lights, bulbs or even wall lights. These are a great option if you want something a bit more permanent and are less likely to move the lights around.

Wall lights

Outdoor wall lights are a great idea if you have an area close to a building that you use a lot. These are ideal for walls close to patios, near your bins so you can see easily at night, or maybe on an outdoor building. By switching on and off at the mains, you can use these lights as and when you want to.

Festoon lights

Festoon lights come in so many different shapes and sizes so there’s bound to be something to suit your garden. Whether you want soft, traditional lights or bright colours, these look great along a fence or draped on a pergola. Be sure to measure your area first and get lights that will be long enough!

Solar-powered lights

Some garden lights, if you want to have them on quite a lot, can end up being quite expensive in terms of using electricity. One way to get around that is with solar-powered lights. These tend to have a solar panel on the top of the light which initially needs charging for around 16 hours. Leave the lights in direct sunlight during the day and they will store up some energy, ready for you to use them later on. Lights4Fun have a great outdoor lights collection to choose from!

Outdoor lanterns

If you have a small garden, or you’re renting and don’t want anything permanent, then consider outdoor lanterns. These can be moved around as and when you need to and can really add a nice decorative touch to an area. With a mix of hanging and stand-alone lanterns available, you can easily get something to suit your garden’s style.

Garden stake lights

Want to highlight your beautiful borders, create a path to the end of the garden or maybe you want to add something special to a raised planter? For any of these ideas, garden stake lights are a fun and easy choice. Solar-powered stake lights are so easy to set up and will light up your garden at night in no time.

Battery-operated lights

Need lights that you only want to use occasionally? Battery-operated outdoor lights are a great idea for this. There’s more choice than you might think here as well.

Outdoor candles

Outdoor candles can really transform any area of your garden and with no fuss! Whether you want 1 candle or 6, you can use them to create a soft, glowing atmosphere in your outdoor area. Perfect for patios, decking and outdoor table displays, use battery-operated candles to create an area to relax in!

So, no matter the size of your garden, there are outdoor lights for you to choose from!

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