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Free Activities For Children On A Haven Holiday

Earlier this year we went on our first ever Haven holiday to Caister-on-Sea in Norfolk. Something we were interested in was the different activities suitable for Erin and more importantly, the free activities. We got a great deal on our break and we didn’t want to spend too much money while we were there. As Erin hadn’t ever done anything like this on holiday before we didn’t want to pay for lots of activities she didn’t enjoy. So, I thought I’d share some of the free activities for children on a Haven holiday (please check they’re available at the site you’re visiting):

Make A Mess

Nature Rockz

We, unfortunately, were not able to go to any of the Nature Rockz activities. Some of these you need to book a place for and you can do so on the Haven app. Our break was term time and out of season and a lot of these activities ran right in the middle of Erin’s nap time. I know she would have loved them though because she loves being outdoors, making things and also discovering new things about nature. This is a list of all of the free activities but there are also more which require payment.

All Ages

Animal tracking

Pirate Treasure hunt

Ranger bug hunt

Wild birds and bird feeders

Leaf art

Stick Creatures

Grass head creations

Recycled creations

RNLI Coastal Explorer

Sand sculptures


I was so happy to see that a lot of the entertainment aimed at children of all ages, or toddlers, ran in the mornings. Erin gets up at the crack of dawn and is generally having a nap by 11 or 11:30am. A lot of the first set of activities listed below start from 10am so some days we were able to do 2 before Erin got really tired. You can find out more about the activities we attended in this post.

Rory's Singalong

All Ages

Rory’s Singalong

Anxious’ Sensory Morning (0-4)

Greedy’s Tin Pot Band

Once Upon a Time

Make a Mess

Pop Up Puppet Theatre Co

Anxious' Sensory Morning

Age 5+


FunStar Boot Camp

Greedy’s Get-up

Little Big Star

Musikids (auditions)

Haven Caister on Sea Greedy

If you’re looking for even more to do with your children for free then there’s always the soft play, swimming and various parks to choose from.

If you’re planning a Haven holiday, or going on one soon, be sure to download the app where you can see what is happening on what day and time!


Free Activities For Children On A Haven Holiday

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