How To Get In Touch With Hard To Reach Companies

How To Get In Touch With Hard To Reach Companies

I hate to admit it really but I’m a bit of a complainer. You’d maybe think that after working in customer service or retail for the best part of 16-17 years I would complain less but actually, I think it makes me realise really bad service more. It does take quite a lot to make me feel like I want to complain though and something either has to be really bad or it has to have really annoyed me. John laughs at me sometimes because if we’ve been out and had a really bad experience I’m quickly on the computer to Tweet to the company or email them.

One of my biggest annoyances is delivery companies or couriers who don’t deliver on time, don’t leave a card and even worse, don’t leave any way of contacting them to arrange redelivery. One delivery company who we get quite a lot is Hermes and while the man is usually great, we can be left a scribble on a piece of paper telling us where our parcel is but sometimes it’s hard to read. Sometimes all we get is the piece of paper put through the door to let us know we missed the delivery but there’s no information on there about how to contact them to rearrange of if they will try again at any point.

I see so many people on some of my local Facebook selling groups asking each other for who to call in these kinds of situations but as there isn’t much information to go on, it becomes really hard! People have asked others to speak to the delivery man on their behalf if he comes to them etc. and just becomes such a stressful thing to try to sort out.

Have you ever noticed how some companies make it close to impossible to find their contact information? Sometimes I have spent hours searching online and going round in circles for what seems like forever and I still haven’t been able to find the information I needed. I recently found out about Head Office Finder though and it’s such a great website to know about. Head Office Finder has the phone numbers, addresses and information for loads of different companies in the UK and they can even tell you what the options are when you call!

Sites like Head Office Finder can save you loads of time going round in circles trying to find what you need.


How To Get In Touch With Hard To Reach Companies

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