How to Get Your Kids Cleaning at Home

How to Get Your Kids Cleaning at Home

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As a parent, we want nothing but only the best for our kids. Even if you’re not a parent yet, having a kid is almost always on the table and when we say having a kid, it automatically comes with it the responsibility to raise them properly to make them a better person when they grow up.

Raising our children starts at home. The best way to instil good values to them is by setting a good example to them. Another technique is by giving them household chores that will make them realize the value of responsibilities at an early age. This piece covers some ways that can get your kids to help in maintaining the cleanliness in your home.

Work Together

Your kids still have no idea how to do the cleaning process properly, hence, it is important that you do the work together so you can guide them on how to get the job done. Working together will also make your kids comfortable as they will not be afraid to commit mistakes because they know that you will be with them the whole time to correct the mistake they will do.

Start by doing the chore first and allow them to watch you while you’re doing it. Let them know how it’s done. Once you’ve demonstrated it,  let them do it themselves. Expect that they will not get it at first so try to be more patient and constructive when giving your feedback.

Teach Them Responsibility

Assigning household chores to your kid will make them realized that you value their contribution in maintaining your home neat and organized. Try to make a schedule of the things they need to accomplish in a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This does not have to be heavy chores. It could be as simple as washing the dishes, taking the trash out, sweeping the floor or making their bed when they wake up.

What’s important is that you make them understand that you are depending on them to do their part in keeping your home clean. They will learn so much value from this as they will become more responsible that will prepare them in the future.

Reward Them

Giving incentives after a job well done is a good technique in encouraging your kids to do their best in their next tasks. According to Clinical Psychologist Virginia Shiller, reward systems are helpful when your kid is struggling to accomplish something — either because he/she is not yet used to it or he/she doesn’t like the job. Placing a reward system in place has proven to produce a more positive effect both in helping your kid value the responsibility you assigned to them and in making a healthy relationship in your family.

Make the Tasks Fun and Enjoyable

To make your kids do the household chores you want them to accomplish, you have to use your creative side to get their attention. Convince them that you’re all going on an adventure by doing some task inside your home. Play some music to get them pumped up. Set a timer and challenge them to get the cleaning done before it rings.

Try to limit the cleaning process for only 15-20 minutes. Thus, try to assign only easy-to-handle tasks so they won’t get too frustrated and tired afterwards. The important thing is you get them to do at least the minimal part of cleaning which can make a huge difference especially if you’re juggling work and family life duties.


Minimal cleaning can be delegated to your kids especially when you are a homeowner who has to juggle work-life balance. In this day and age, we are so lucky that cleaning services, such as Pristine Home, are now being offered that will help you in keeping a healthy environment safe for your family.

These cleaning services company only allow professional cleaners to deliver extraordinary cleaning services that will ensure that you get the expectation you’re looking for. This will not only make your home clean and organized but this also guarantees every homeowner a peace of mind that their family are not being exposed to the dangers of dirt and dust that can cause serious diseases.


How to Get Your Kids Cleaning at Home

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