How to give your garden an uplift

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I wish we could have sunny summer days all-year-long. The kids could play outside and discover the wonders of all garden bugs and insects, and I could watch them play while sunbathing and relaxing. Sounds like a dream… Well, it is. Unfortunately, we can’t enjoy really enjoy our gardens and outdoor spaces during the winter and autumn – everything is grey, dull and cold. 

What if I told you this is the best time to give your garden an uplift? A quick and simple refresh to prepare it for the wonderful summer and spring days. Today, I’ve partnered up with Designer Shade Solutions, UK retractable roof specialists, to share some ideas on how to give your garden a quick freshen up.

Add a modern pergola.

A modern pergola will provide your garden with shade and weather protection, creating the perfect covered outdoor space to enjoy and experience no matter the weather. Designer Shade Solutions create stunning and innovative pergolas that feature retractable and tilting louvered roofs that can be easily operated to open or close as the weather changes.

Plus, as Let’s Fix it explains in this article, “These pergolas can also be customised with side glass screens, heating and lighting to create the ultimate outdoor retreat that is completely covered from the elements and is suitable to be used all-year-round.”

Welcome wildlife.

Help wildlife survive during the colder months and watch them from the comfort of your home by adding a bird feeder and creating a small pond for animals to drink water. As Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum mentions, “No matter the size of your garden, you can welcome wildlife with a little bit of food and water, the basics for them to survive.”

Let there be light.

As Don’t Cramp My Style says, “Make your outdoor space shine and glow by adding some outdoor lights.” You can light up your garden path, your porch or your patio. Add some outdoor fairy lights or some spotlights to highlight your favourite parts of the garden. 

Give it a scrub.

This article on Ideal Home recommends giving your garden decking or paving a thorough clean,  brighten up brickwork and tidying up the lawn. Don’t stop there, give your garden fence and your shed a new lick of paint!

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