The Castle The King Built

Children’s book review: The Castle The King Built

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This week’s children’s book review is all about The Castle The King Built by Rebecca Colby. The book was published by Nosy Crow and can be purchased on Amazon*.

The Castle The King Built

Find out exactly what goes on inside a medieval castle in this impeccably stylish picture book from the National Trust. How many people does it take to build a castle? And what exactly does each person do? Discover masons to merchants and bakers to blacksmiths in this unique take on the classic rhyme ‘This is the House that Jack Built’. Explore what happens inside the castle the king built with striking retro artwork from illustrator Tom Froese and a carefully researched rollicking rhyme from author Rebecca Colby.

The Castle The King Built

If your children are anything like Erin then they will have loads of questions about absolutely everything. Books are a great way to help answer some of these questions, especially if you are doing learning from home at the minute.

If your child is interested in kings or queens or castles then this book, The Castle The King Built, is a great way to help them learn about how they are built and the people that do the work.

The Castle The King Built

Instead of just thinking about the people that actually, physically build the castle, this book shows all different kinds of people that help make the castle what it is. For instance, it shows the bakers who make the bread every day so that people can eat.

The Castle The King Built offers children a way to learn about new trades or jobs that they might not have known about before. There are plenty of questions to be asked about each one and there’s probably something in there that grown ups didn’t know as well. I always find learning together helps Erin, as she likes to learn something we both didn’t know.

The Castle The King Built

What I love about The Castle The King Built is that it really includes so many different people and jobs that ordinarily wouldn’t be included. The illustrations really help children to explore these different jobs and to look at what things various people might be doing. 

The Castle The King Built

The back of the book also shows the different people and explains their jobs which is a lovely resource to encourage children to talk more about each one.

Not only is The Castle The King Built a great book for learning something new but the illustrations really bring the castle to life.


Children’s book review The Castle The King Built

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