How to Help Keep Your Teen Focus on Studying for Their A Levels

How to Help Keep Your Teen Focus on Studying for Their A Levels?

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The A-Level is a subject-based qualification. It’s conferred as an aspect of the General Certificate of Education. This qualification is also part of the United Kingdom’s national education curriculum. It’s a prerequisite for university. 

Studying for A-Levels can be demanding. If your teen is preparing to write this exam soon, focus is needed. With a lot of distractions today, it can be challenging for teens to focus on their studies. How can you help your teen study better for the A-Levels? That’s what this guide offers.

Tips Improve Your Teens’ Focus on Study 

A Level revision is needed to ensure you pass this all-important exam. Here are some pointers to help your teen focus if they are about to take A Levels. 

Instill organizational skills

Teach your child how to master the skills of being organized, setting goals, and getting them accomplished. This will not only help your child grow into a teen who can concentrate on any important task, but it will also help your child focus on his studies.

These skills aren’t taught in high school. Therefore, take on the task earlier. Teach your kids the importance of effective time management.

Help your teen create a calendar. It is important for recognizing the next deadline and knowing how to effectively plan their time accordingly.

Provide a conducive study environment

For your teens to focus on any academic pursuit, a comfortable space for studying and revising is needed. Create one for them. 

Pay attention to the noise levels. The lighting should be perfect. They should be able to store papers in tidy ways. Also, background music is useful for studying – this can be a distraction to some people, though.

You may also help them switch locations every once in a while. Change from the bedroom to the living room, then the dining room. Let your teens stick to what works for them.

Help them plan study sessions 

You also need to plan how to help your teens study while they prepare for their A levels. Plan to study with them from time to time. Do this in your free time and during your extracurricular activities.

If you are concerned about your ability to help your child study, GoStudent English tutors will help polish the English language and other subjects.

Break down several tasks for them whenever there is a lot for them to study. The tasks should be grouped into smaller chunks. Then help them create a calendar schedule for studying. Always remind them to take notes in school or lessons. They should plan to review their notes at home.

Help them create short and long breaks

As you help your teens create a timetable for studying or revising, it’s essential to help them include short breaks. A 5–10 minute break is cool for a one-hour study session. According to studies, there are better study results with short bursts of studying than going longer. Short rest is vital for every thirty to sixty minutes of a study session.

On the other hand, long breaks are also important. After a series of study sessions, allow your teens to play hard too. Give them time to do what they enjoy. Allow them to play a sport or watch a movie. Let them spend time with friends or even attend a concert. 

This sharpens their brains as well as helps them assimilate better when they get to their next study session. Long breaks are perfect for work-life balance. 


Being focused when preparing for an intense examination like A-Levels is important. Help your teens get the most out of their study sessions. Teach yourself key time management skills. Help them plan their studies. Always factor in short breaks and long breaks too. The ultimate result is productivity and excellent performance. 

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