8 Ways to Keep Little Kids Warm this Winter

8 Ways to Keep Little Kids Warm this Winter

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While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a winter wonderland, we need to remember that children are especially at risk of suffering the effects of colder weather. Let’s examine eight ways to keep them warm during the coming months. 

Dress in Layers 

One practical tip involves dressing in layers. The air trapped between layers of fabric will act as a natural insulator. Your child will therefore remain warm when playing outside. 

Warm Beverages 

Make it a point to offer your child warm drinks on a regular basis; particularly after coming in from playing outdoors. Warm fluids will help the body to restore its natural temperature. Hot cocoa and even flavoured teas are both great ideas. 

Heat Individual Rooms 

Thanks in part to the energy crisis, some of us will be forced to spend a great deal of money on heating during the winter. As opposed to warming the entire home, make it a point to focus on the rooms that your children will occupy (such as a nursery or a bedroom). This will help to ensure comfort while also cutting back on the amount of energy that your house consumes. 

Try to Avoid the Wind 

When travelling or playing outdoors with your child, it is best to avoid windy conditions. Wind will wick moisture away from the skin and as a result, the body naturally loses heat within a short period of time. 

Limit the Amount Time Spent Outside 

Children love to play outdoors; even if the temperatures are less than agreeable. As a parent it is your responsibility to place limits on playtime; even if your little one might be slightly upset as a result. This is more relevant if it happens to be raining or snowing. Always remember that the EYFS tracking solution here will provide you with a proactive means to monitor outdoor play sessions. 

Cover the Face and Hands of Your Child 

A child’s face and hands contain many nerves and therefore, they can be extremely sensitive to cold conditions. It is also important to highlight that both of these areas of the body are prone to losing significant amounts of heat. Make sure that they are properly covered before heading outdoors. 

Preheat the Crib 

Assuming that you are dealing with an infant or a toddler, it is always wise to heat the crib before bedtime. This will provide your little one with a warm and welcoming environment. Furthermore, they will be more likely to enjoy a sound night of sleep with few interruptions. 

Encourage Physical Activity 

Finally, children should always remain active when playing outdoors over the winter months. Physical movement will increase blood flow to the extremities and stave off potentially serious conditions such as hypothermia and even frostnip. 

Do not hesitate to refer back to the suggestions outlined throughout this article. Not only are they extremely practical, but each is simple and straightforward to implement in no time at all. 

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