How To Help Your Man To Dress Better

How To Help Your Man To Dress Better

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Wearing the right clothing can go a long way in enhancing physical appeal and boosting confidence. However, sometimes getting your man to put more effort or time into dressing can be challenging. You are not alone if you’ve been trying to get your man dressed better or look the part on special occasions like weddings. Achieving this is possible, but it takes some creativity and guided persistence to get it right. With the men’s apparel industry projected to grow by 3.42%, you can rest assured that you’ll find something that successfully combines their personality with style. Below are three simple tips to get your man to dress better. 

  1. Understand his style preferences

Before jumping into a makeover for your man, you must get the basics right. His style, preferences, and comfort zone are the first things to consider.  Everybody has a unique fashion identity, regardless of how they present themselves. If your man is the type that prefers a T-shirt over a pair of denim trousers and sneakers and you want him to put in more effort, the best way to broach the subject is through open and non-judgemental conversation. Start the conversation by highlighting his style choices and how you’ll be happy to see a pleasant change. Remember that these topics are sensitive, so it’s important to avoid sounding like you’re criticising. Subtlety is the key to such conversations. When that is out of the way, suggesting your interest in helping him pick out nice outfits to complement his physique would be nice. Over time, you’ll see him come around as he gains confidence in his style choices.

  1. Buy him some wardrobe essentials

You can find wardrobe essentials for men in many clothing stores; however, are they quality, and can they be combined with other garments he already owns? Versatility is key here, and until you satisfy that aspect, you may struggle to find him ideal wardrobe essentials. High-quality basics are fundamental to every wardrobe. If you can, buy him versatile wardrobe essentials like fitting jean trousers, tailored blazers, crisp white shirts, black belts, and neutral-coloured versatile shoes. It would be best not to rely solely on dressing shoes for the latter, especially because some designs fail the versatility test. The next step is to help him understand how these classic pieces can match different clothing and still look fashionable. For example, when you buy him a Moncler polo shirt, he can combine it with any pair of bottoms to suit different occasions.

  1. Learn to use positive reinforcement

Everyone loves compliments, and your man is no different. Positive reinforcement boosts confidence and makes your man want to try different styles. First, when he tries to revamp his look, remember to acknowledge the effort. No matter how small the change is, positive reinforcement will go a long way to convince him to do better. It’s, however, important to know that the change will not happen overnight. Change takes time, and it’s unhealthy to rush it. Focus on his newfound style and improve his perspective on dressing. Believe it or not, some men believe making an effort to dress better is unmanly, so you need a lot of positive reinforcement to erase that perception.

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