Wedding Fashion For A Male Wedding Guest

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Summer is the season for weddings. Most people want to get married somewhere lovely with nice weather and while UK summers are pretty unpredictable, they’re still a really nice time to get married. John and I don’t go out very much and therefore, John doesn’t really have clothes that are smart enough for weddings. I find that wedding fashion for men can get a bit boring because some places don’t offer much choice. Luckily, the lovely people at Dobell, who have a fantastic range, supplied him with something to wear for this kind of occasion.

John is the kind of man who likes to wear classic and smart looking clothing. He doesn’t do slim fit shirt and pink really isn’t his thing. The navy shirt and silver tie is perfect for John.

We ordered John’s shirt in a 17.5 inch collar but we could have done with that half an inch extra I think if I’m completely honest. The shirt does fit nicely but would have fit a little better, had it been slightly bigger. John likes his shirts tucked in because the look much neater and smarter and once on, the shirt looked really nice on him and it suited him very well! The shirt and tie could easily be worn with a jacket if the occasion asked for it but it also looks super smart on its own.

As an outfit for being a guest at a wedding, I think this is pretty perfect! The colour means it can be worn no matter what the season is and it can be dressed up or down depending on the kind of wedding. The navy and silver colours go lovely together, making the shirt and tie compliment each other nicely. I wear a lot of navy myself and this shirt would also go so well with anything I would choose to wear to a wedding. I do like to match for these kinds of things if I can.

Something I personally loved about the shirt is how easy it was to iron. New shirts that are folded come with a hell of a lot of creases and lines and sometimes, you can spend ages trying to get them out with the iron. This shirt took a couple of minutes to iron straight out of the packet so if you’re in a rush, this is great! We don’t have a good or fancy iron either so it wasn’t that making it easier.

John wears shirts for work and while this one is a little dressier than what he would usually choose, Dobell have loads of shirts on offer and I think we’ll be shopping with them again soon to get him something new. Dobell really do have something for everyone for every occasion!

I’m pretty sure most men already have a pair of black trousers in their wardrobes so for less than £30, you can get a really nice, smart wedding outfit that can also be worn for loads of other occasions.

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