How to Make the Airport Less Painful When Traveling with Your Family

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Going on vacation with your family is a great way to enjoy some time away from the craziness of daily life and relax together. Travelling with your family, however, can be a bit of a stressful experience. From the cost of airline tickets and other vacation expenses to trying to make sure that everyone has packed everything that they will need, family travel can be a challenge. The most stressful part of travelling with your family might just be managing your time at the airport.

Making it through the airport with your family with as little stress as possible is manageable, though, as long as you do the right amount of planning ahead of time. Here are a few things that will make the airport a bit less painful when you are travelling with your family.

Reduce Time Wasters

One of the main reasons being at the airport can be so stressful is the fact that you are trying to stick to a specific schedule. Being late or delayed is one thing can cause your entire day to be thrown off. No one likes to cut it close for a flight and missing a flight altogether might just ruin your entire vacation. You can decrease the likelihood of missing your flight by reducing the main time wasters associated with the airport.

For instance, you might have left your house in plenty of time to catch your flight only to be stuck wasting time driving around looking for a parking spot. When the clock is ticking and you still have so much to get through before you make it to your gate, this can be an incredibly frustrating scenario. Save yourself the time and trouble by reserving a parking spot online in advance. You can search for a parking lot based on the airport you are flying out of, such as sea tac airport parking.

Avoid as Many Lines as Possible

The other frustrating aspect of being at the airport has to do with all the lines that you will inevitably have to stand in. Checking in, checking bags, security screening, and standing in line for food will all require you to stand and wait your turn. There are ways, however, to cut back on those lines and get the necessary tasks accomplished quicker.

Start by checking your family in for your flight online. This can be done up to 24 hours prior to departure via your airline’s mobile app. You can also avoid the bag-check process by instructing your family to pack carry-on luggage only. There are many benefits of packing light, so while it might take some extra work, it will be well worth it in the end.

If you are travelling domestically, check out the option to pre-check with TSA. For a fee, you and your family can enjoy an expedited security screening. Make sure to bring plenty of airport-friendly snacks, too, so you can skip the lines for overpriced airport food.


How to Make the Airport Less Painful When Traveling with Your Family

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