How To Make The Most Of A Family Garden

How To Make The Most Of A Family Garden

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We are very lucky to have quite a large garden, even if it needs a bit of work doing to it. As soon as we moved in we started to clear the overgrown mess we had been left with and after 3 skips worth of rubbish, we ended up with a nice lawn (although now ruined by a dog). We also got new fences a couple of years ago and our neighbour did the same so that was a big job done. When we moved in it was just me and John but now, we need to think more about what a family garden should be, perhaps we should get the Best Bird Feeding Station and enjoy the feathered visitors popping in from time to time.

If you have young children, or any children for that matter, it can be easy for your garden to get taken over by toys and all kinds of other random items. Groupon is a great place to look for brand new patio and garden furniture that is suitable for both adults and children. Not only is there loads of choice but you can save money and find some real bargains!

We have a medium sized patio and this is generally where Erin’s ride on type toys live most of the time. Unfortunately, they’re not the kinds of things that can stay outside all year round and really need to be put away when the weather gets bad or it rains. Storage boxes are not only perfect for keeping toys in good condition but they can be used to store so many other things. We have 2 and we keep our rabbit food/ bedding/ hay in one and in the larger unit we keep Erin’s toys!

The great thing about these kinds of storage units is that most of them are lockable so therefore, safe to keep outside!

Something really important to me for a family garden is somewhere for Erin to play. Obviously we have the lawn and some patio space but if it rains or the ground is muddy it’s not very safe for Erin. I have been looking at getting her a playhouse for quite some time now and I think Erin would get a lot of use out of it. I would also love to have the whole of the patio covered but that’s a much bigger job!

If your children are anything like Erin then they will want to get into everything possible. Having a garden generally comes with owning a load of tools and items that are extremely dangerous for children. To make the most of a family friendly garden I think a shed is a must have, if you have the space. Having a shed can mean lots of storage and being able to lock those tools and the lawnmower away safely!

Do you have any tips for a family friendly garden? Let me know in the comments! 


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