The Best Metal Beds for Contemporary Bedrooms 2023

Collaborative post Metal bed frames are a popular choice for bedrooms because they are durable and relatively lightweight, making them easy to move around. Metal bed frames also provide good support, helping to ensure a comfortable, restful sleep. Beyond their practical benefits, metal beds are also available in many styles, from contemporary to art deco. For a modern look, opt for a metal bed frame with a minimalist aesthetic. Look for simple silhouettes with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. A bed with a low profile will also give your bedroom a sleek and contemporary feel.

Furniture that changes with you

AD | Collaborative post Renovating and refreshing your home can be a long and slow process. I grew up watching Changing Rooms, a British home improvement show where neighbours were tasked with renovating each other’s homes in just 48 hours. That gave me the perception that when it came to decorating my own home, a weekend would be enough time to develop a concept, source everything and install it. I look back at my innocent self from my half-constructed bathroom while avoiding splinters from the floor I have yet to sand and laugh. Oh, how

Updating Our Living Room With The Capri Coffee Table

AD | Gifted item Last month we had a mini makeover in the living room as we hard a new carpet fitted. It was such a massive job that should have probably been done years ago but it’s a huge room and it wasn’t cheap. Since then, the room has really been transformed and I’ve been trying to make it into the room I really want. After having a bit of a move around we ended up with a lot more play space in the back half of the room which meant that we could

VonHaus Colonial Storage Chest Review

AD | Gifted At this time of year I am in constant preparation for Christmas and Erin’s birthday on New Year’s Day. I’m sure you can imagine how much stuff we end up with at home within a short space of time. Between Christmas and birthday presents Erin get a lot of new things and of course, they all need to go somewhere. While I do try to have a bit of a clear out beforehand that’s not always enough so this year I have looked into new storage options. Wanting something clean, simple and

My Favourite Charity Shop Bargain

We live in a smallish town in North Norfolk and although we’re only 30 minutes away from Norwich by train, I don’t get into the city much. This means that, as well as a lack of money, I don’t go shopping much at all. Something we do have where I live is quite a lot of charity shops though. I think we have at least 6 or 7 in our market square and they’re great to have a rummage in. I have one favourite thing that I’ve bought locally and it really is a charity

How To Make The Most Of A Family Garden

Collaborative post We are very lucky to have quite a large garden, even if it needs a bit of work doing to it. As soon as we moved in we started to clear the overgrown mess we had been left with and after 3 skips worth of rubbish, we ended up with a nice lawn (although now ruined by a dog). We also got new fences a couple of years ago and our neighbour did the same so that was a big job done. When we moved in it was just me and John but now,

Interior Design Ideas That Are Great For Small Homes

AD | Collaborative post We all wish that we had more space in our homes. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with a massive home to call their own. That doesn’t mean, however, that those with small homes have to resign themselves to a lack of space to decorate and design. In fact, small homes can be just as great as larger homes, you just need to look at slightly different approaches to take. To help you on your way, we have put together our top tips for interior design ideas that

4 Ways To Revamp Your Living Room This New Year

AD | Collaborative post After taking down the Christmas decorations I always feel like our living room is too bare and a bit lacking in, well, something. I’m never really sure what but it doesn’t feel right just after Christmas. I always feel like I need to add something a bit more at this time of year so I thought I’d put together a little list of ways to revamp your living room this New Year! Pictures If you’re anything like me you will have taken hundreds of photos last year. Actually, I probably took