The Best Dog Beds For Man’s Best Friend

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Dog houses are certainly a thing of the past. These days, the idea of leaving the dog sleeping out in the cold is a horrifying thought to many. After all, dogs are no longer there to just guard the house; they are considered as part of the family in many homes. And of course, the humanisation of household pets is becoming increasingly more prevalent over the last couple of decades. It comes as no surprise then to see many manufacturers creating a wide range of products designed specifically for dogs.

The most popular among the lot is the dog bed. With so many different kinds on the market, it can be hard to find what is best for your pup. So, without further ado, we’re going to take a look at five of the best dog beds on the market today.

Orvis Memory Foam Bed – £219

Produced by U.S.-headquartered Orvis, the memory foam bed is a five-star dog bed that is probably more comfortable than many human beds. Coated with a luxurious faux-fur sleeping surface, the bed uses open cell technology to help maintain the dog’s core body temperature. It is also lined with a water-resistant cover to safeguard against moisture, accidental spills and saliva. Best of all, the high-density memory foam will allow your dog to sink in at just the right depth. Be warned though – you might have to get use to your dog sleeping in.

Rosewood Orthopaedic Dog Bed – £44.98

Just like humans, dogs tend to develop joint pains and back problems as they grow older. Rosewood’s orthopaedic bed is created especially for elderly dogs. The striking red-coloured bed has a soft and plush inner layer that provides superb support for joints and bones. Your trusty old dog will finally get the restful night’s sleep her or she deserves.

Sailor Boat Bed – £35

Chihuahuas are often the most pampered breed in the pooch world, and their bed should be no exception.  Enter the Sailor Boat Bed, made by pet apparel specialist, Happy Puppy. Shaped like a miniature boat, the navy-coloured bed has a reversible cushion which is deeply padded to give your precious pup a good night’s rest before the next day’s shopping trip.

Cecil Dog Bed – £180

Look, some dogs just prefer sofas. You can get them the best dog beds, but they will inevitably jump back on your sofa. Thankfully, has a solution for that. The Cecil Dog Bed is shaped like a miniature sofa with a durable and scratch proof limited edition print cover, which is washable. It comes in two sizes, so the bed is suitable for most dog types.

Bunty Dog Bed – £11.99

Sometimes, you just need a basic yet comfortable bed for your darling dog. The Bunty Dog Bed is designed exactly for this. Coated with durable poly canvas mix, which also serves as a heat insulator, the bed offers simple comforts without the bells and whistles. It comes in three sizes and is machine washable.

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