How to make the most of the Brussels Card

How to make the most of the Brussels Card

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When exploring a new city, and with limited time, you always want to make the most of what you can do. With the Brussels Card, you can get free entry into 49 museums, and much more! Find out how to make the most of the Brussels Card in this post.

Prices and options

The Brussels Card is available over 24, 48 or 72 hours and the price increases for each one. The basic price includes entry to the museums with additional discounts available. Add ons for daily transport and Hop on Hop off bus tours are also available.

Prices are per person and there are no child prices. It’s worth checking which museums you want to go to as a lot of places offer discounts or free entry for some children.

Brussels Card prices 2022

Activating your Brussels Card

We had paper copies of our Brussels Cards, which had a barcode and code for our transport tickets. I found it easier to download the app and add the details of our cards there, so all 3 were in one place. Activating your Brussels Card is really easy as all you need to do is go to your first museum and scan your card there. After this, your card will be active for the time you’ve purchased it for.

Choco-Story Brussels
Choco-Story Brussels

Unlimited access to public transport

If you have added the Brussels transport option you’ll need to activate this separately. It’s worth noting though that these are two separate things and the times are not the same e.g. you can activate your transport a day later if you wish.

Activating your transport tickets can be done at a machine in a metro station. The machines can be changed to English so they’re quite easy to follow. You’ll get a 9 digit code to enter on the machine and you’ll then be given a paper card in return.

With this card, you have access to buses, metro and trams within Brussels.

Museum of Natural Sciences Brussels
Museum of Natural Sciences Brussels

Exploring with the Brussels Card

The Brussels Card gives you so many options and you’ll find that it includes a lot of things to do in Brussels. With 49 museums to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

Is there a best day to visit?

While there might not be a ‘best’ day to visit, the museums in Brussels tend to have a general ‘closing’ day. You’ll find that many museums in Brussels are closed on Mondays. This will definitely affect what you can and cannot do during your visit.

Comics Art Museum
Comics Art Museum

Do your research!

With 49 museums included with the Brussels Card, you’re never going to be able to do them all. It’s worth spending some time before your trip figuring out what you want to see and who will be going. There’s no point in picking museums to visit with children if you know they will be bored there. Another thing to think about is location. Brussels is a big city and things are quite spread out.

Autoworld Brussels
Autoworld Brussels

Be realistic

Unless you’re only planning to spend an hour or two at each museum, you’re unlikely to fit in more than 3 in a day. Generally, museums in Brussels are open from roughly 10am until 5pm and you need to factor in travel time and a break for lunch. Some museums are going to take longer than others, especially if you’re visiting with kids. Take this into account and plan accordingly.

Enjoy yourself

The easiest way to make the most out of your Brussels Card is to have fun. It’s such a great way to see Brussels and to find some interesting places you might not have gone to before.

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