Top 3 Routes from Denver for a Tourist with a Car

AD | Collaborative post Denver is a city near the Rocky Mountains with over two hundred parks. In addition, more than thirty recreation centers, a botanical garden, and a zoo take care of the recreation of residents here. Naturally, there are also skyscrapers typical of America, which form the modern financial district of the city. Thus, we will give you some routes from Denver if you want to see more scenery, unique locations, and nature. Let’s go on a remarkable journey! Denver – Salt Lake City The Mile High city attracts tourists from the entire

Top tips for visiting Costa Rica with children

AD | Collaborative post When it comes to travelling with children there are some destinations we might not think of immediately.; one of these is Costa Rica. There are so many things to do for families to do in Costa Rica and in this post I’ll share why it should be the next destination on your family holiday wishlist.

How to avoid getting seasickness

From a long-awaited cruise, to just an afternoon on the water, nothing can put a crimp in your plans more effectively than a bout of seasickness. Seasickness, or more correctly motion sickness, has its root cause in your inner ear. When sitting in a boat and looking at your friends, watching TV or whatever, your eyes tell your brain that you are not moving. However, your sense of balance, which is located in your inner ear, is telling your brain a different story. These crossed signals start you down the road to seasickness.

Caribbean escapes you just have to consider

For some people, when they think about their next vacation something luxurious springs to mind. Picture white sandy beaches, glorious blue seas, and exotic cocktails sipped in the warm sun. Even if they are non-alcoholic fruity punches. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? There is one part of the world that ticks all the boxes for many avid travelers, and that is the Caribbean Islands. So I thought it would be a great idea to share with you a bit of insight into the most popular islands in this beautiful part of the world.

10 things to do in New York City

New York. The city that never sleeps! Possibly one of the most well-known cities in America. With many attractions and iconic sites, it’s easy to see why. New York is made up of five boroughs which all sit where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Manhattan is the central hub. New York City is a vibrant city with plenty to see and do.

Countries to visit to explore different cultures with children

Family holidays abroad are the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with one another. It’s a chance for us parents to unwind from our work commitments. It’s a chance for our children to have a change of scenery. But, in fact, holidays abroad can be educational for our kids as well. What we don’t realise, is when we jump on a plane and enter a new country, we are opening up our child’s mind to new possibilities. This is their chance to experience different foods, a new climate, and a whole new culture. Family

Cyprus: Why you should consider this holiday hotspot

Having a holiday booked to look forward to is a great way to motivate yourself through those tough work days or cold winter months ahead. It can somehow make the tough days bearable, knowing that you are earning money to pay for that deserved break. Sometimes we are looking for places to go that are warm most of the year so with that in mind, I thought I would share with you some thoughts on the island of Cyprus.

Planning a trip to Belgium by train

Just before the Easter holidays chicken pox had been doing the rounds at Erin’s school. A couple of days before we were due to go to Haven a spot appeared. We couldn’t risk Erin being infectious so we made the decision to cancel. As sad as it was, we were able to get a full refund so decided to put it towards another adventure, towards planning a trip to Belgium by train.