How to Mend a Storm Damaged Fence

How to Mend a Storm Damaged Fence

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It’s not unusual for stormy weather, like Storm Freya, to cause chaos on your property. Don’t be surprised if you’re faced with various repair jobs in your garden after so much wind. Fallen trees and broken fences are just two examples and although it’s frustrating, there are steps you can take to deal with the damage.

Fix It As Soon As Possible

In the case of a broken fence, it’s important to mend it as soon as possible. When wood is damaged and damp it is likely to rot, so the problem will only get worse if you prolong fixing it.

Evaluate the Damage

Before attempting to fix the fence, you need to understand what it is you’re dealing with so you’ll have to evaluate how much damage there is. Wait for the stormy weather to improve and make sure you have the right tools; it might just be something a little duct tape can solve. On the other hand, you might find that your fence needs to be completely replaced, and attempting to repair it would be a waste of time.

Speak to Your Neighbours

When working on your fence, make sure you discuss your plans with your neighbours beforehand. You must confirm who the fence actually belongs before carrying out any work on it.

Safety First

Don’t forget to take precautions when doing DIY work. Consider whether the repair project will require a helping hand so that you don’t hurt or over exert yourself. There might be sharp bits of broken wood or nails, so be very careful and wear the appropriate safety gear.

Replace the Posts

After removing the damaged wooden posts using a pry bar, swap them with new posts and fit them in the new gap. The new posts must be level and then you can hammer them to the frame of the fence.

Paint the Posts

Once the new posts are in place you might choose to paint them, but this is an optional extra.  Be sure to choose the colour wisely so it matches the original colour.


How to Mend a Storm Damaged Fence

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  1. So glad to read about something being mended rather than replaced which is so often what happens these day. Keeping fences well maintained all year round is important too … says she who has a few holes to sort out in the fence around the veg patch.. It means the ducks can get in there at the moment so my seedling are at risk of being pulled up!

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