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How to Raise a Science Lover

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Science is an important school subject and compulsory for students until at least the end of their GCSEs. Even if your child doesn’t want to pursue a career in a science related field, it’s important for them to find some enjoyment in science so that they don’t struggle until their A Levels. Parents can help their children find a love of science with the following advice from a prep school in Lincolnshire.

Try to make science something that is discussed within your home on a regular basis, so that your child becomes more familiar with it and learns of its importance in the world. For instance, if someone in your family has just recovered from an illness, you could discuss how the immune system works to fight off infection. If you’re driving somewhere, you could talk about how the car works.

Speak to your child’s science teacher and find out what sort of topics they’ll be covering in the upcoming lessons so that you can compliment this learning in your activities at home. For instance, if your child is learning about the parts of a plant and photosynthesis etc, you could get out in the garden and plant some flowers or even a vegetable patch. Alternatively, if your child is learning about the human body, you could play a board game like operation to help your child become more familiar with different organs etc.

If your child is young, perhaps you could encourage them to take some different (safe) objects to the bath with them next time so that they can experiment with materials and learn which items float and which ones sink or become soggy. It’s also highly likely that you have random items in your kitchen cupboards that you could use to perform a science experiment, like bicarbonate of soda or washing up liquid.

The idea is to help your child find the fun in science so that when they have a lesson coming up in school, they look forward to it rather than dread it or find it dull. If your child becomes passionate about science from a young age, they may find a variety of career options available to them as they grow up. 


How to Raise a Science Lover

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