How To Throw An Easter Party For Children

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The Easter holidays can seem like a really long time for young children and Erin is already missing her friends. This is the first year she is really starting to understand a bit more about Easter and I thought it would be a great idea to think about throwing an Easter party at home for Erin and her friends. This would be a really lovely way to not only do something fun for Easter but to make sure that Erin sees her friends during the holidays. Planning and throwing an Easter party can be really easy; here are some tips to get you started:


Decorations are always a lovely touch to a party and you can make these as simple or extravagant as you want to and it could also depend on where you’re having the party. You could go for anything from wall decorations to ceiling decorations or even table decorations like the ones in the picture below.

If the party is going to be for quite young children then decorations can really help to get them excited about Easter and for any activities you have planned.

Easter decorations
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Party games and activities

No Easter party would be complete without a host of party games. Children will need to be entertained during the party and depending on how long you intend for it to be, you might need quite a few different games to play. Here are some ideas:

Egg and spoon race

Easter basket ball

Pin the tail on the bunny

Making Easter pictures

Painting hard boiled eggs

Easter egg hunt

When it comes to planning your games and activities for your Easter party it would be wise to take into account the weather. March/ April can be unpredictable but if the weather is nice you might be able to take the party outside into the garden.

Easter party games
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What better way to make an Easter party as fun as possible than to ask everyone to dress up. There are loads of options forย Easter fancy dress and of course, young children will look absolutely adorable. I’d love to say that I’m the kind of parent that would spend time making a costume for Erin but I’m really not that creative at all. Buying a costume is much more my style and at least this way I know Erin will look good. Costume options could be as follows:

Easter bunny



Easter egg

Bunny tutu costume
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Easter themed food

After all of that playing and running around in a costume your little guests are bound to get hungry and they’re going to need feeding. Instead of putting on a regular party buffet you could do something special and make all of your food Easter themed. All of your food could be in the shape of a bunny, chick, egg, lamb or even carrots!

If you have a picky/ fussy child like I do then this could be a really fun way to get them to try some new foods while enjoying eating with their friends.

Being a busy parent means that I don’t always have time to shop around for all of these things so being able to get them all in the same place is ideal!ย 


How To Throw An Easter Party For Children

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