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Last Minute Easter Treats For Adults

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When you are a family with young children Easter can sometimes end up being taken over by what they’ll be getting or what they’ll be doing. I don’t see why adults should miss out on all of the fun and delicious treats. Easter is this weekend but there’s still plenty of time to treat yourself, or someone else, so today I have a few great options to show you.

 Lir Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg With Discovery Chocolate

First up is this stunning Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg With Discovery Chocolates from Lir Chocolates. The egg has been hand decorated with red and gold accents and certainly stands out as a luxurious choice. If you go into a supermarket you are usually faced with larger offerings of something that could also be for children but this one is definitely for adults.

 Lir Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg With Discovery Chocolate

It is sold exclusively in selected Tesco stores in the UK and it includes 4 chocolates with unique flavours; cinnamon and cream, salted caramel, hazelnut gianduja and coffee crunch.

Baileys Salted Caramel Egg

Lir Chocolates also have a Baileys Collection with a Baileys Salted Caramel Egg. This egg has a hollow milk chocolate egg with crunchy salted caramel pieces running through it and a hint of the famous Baileys taste. If Baileys is your tipple of choice then this particular Easter egg would be a great match.

Baileys Salted Caramel Egg

If the beautiful golden speckled egg wasn’t enough to make your mouth water the Baileys Salted Caramel Egg also comes with 6 chocolates, shimmering with gold and filled with a delicious salted caramel centre. The chocolates are a great accompaniment to the delicious chocolate egg but they’re so moreish that I could have eaten a lot more!

Seed and Bean chocolate bars

Last, but definitely not least, are a range of chocolate bars from Seed and Bean. If you’re looking for something a little bit different this Easter then this could be the brand for you. Seed and Bean offer organic and ethical chocolate bars in a wide and bold range of flavours.

Seed and Bean chocolate bars

Although I have 2 dark chocolate bars pictured, Seed and Bean also have plenty of milk and white chocolate options too! These bars can be purchased individually or as a hamper. I love that there are different options available at different price points so these bars could be a token gift for a friend or a bigger gift for a whole family.

It’s important to remember that Easter doesn’t have to be just for children and we, as adults, can get just as much enjoyment from it too!


Last Minute Easter Treats For Adults

11 thoughts on “Last Minute Easter Treats For Adults”

  1. Oh would definitely want to try the Bailey’s one, I usually end up sneaking one of the kids ones to eat as nothing taste’s quite like egg chocolate!

  2. Bailey’s for me too! I’d hollow the top, stuff with milkshake (with Bailey’s of course) and settle in with a movie.

  3. OMG, that Baileys salted caramel egg has my name on it! We never really do eggs for us adults, but I may need to reconsider this year.

  4. Easter, and Christmas is for all ages. As are many Celebrations / Events, etc. Chocolate is a treat. Belgian chocolate is delicious!

    Easter is not only about chocolate eggs. Though may be part of Easter Time, and a delicious treat.

    Businesses may make great financial profits from this part of Easter Time. It seems that many may have reconsidered Easter gifts for children, as the Government is aiming at targeting childhood obesity. Government has also highlighted how damaging sugar can be to teeth. Encouraging Dental Health and Care for Children, aiming to reduce dental caries and tooth extractions.

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