How to transform your home without renovating

How to transform your home without renovating

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Whether renting or buying, we all long for the perfect home. Stylish and well designed to suit our personal needs. Choosing to renovate your home may be a good option if you’re looking to change the layout or add additional rooms. However, remodelling a home can be expensive. Major renovations often throw up unexpected costs due to unforeseen problems let alone the major disruptions and mess they cause. 

If your home needs a fresh look but you’re on a tight budget, it may be time to consider some small changes that can go a long way. Here are a few ways to transform your space without tearing out walls and breaking down doors. 

Look at Your Space

The easiest way to transform your home is by rearranging existing furniture and accessories. This allows you to change the design of your home without having to buy new things. You can quickly change the feel of a room and if you don’t like it, you can just rearrange again. This is a great non-permanent way to keep your home fresh and feeling new. 

Shop Your Home 

When you decide to update a room or space in your home, it can be tempting to get rid of everything that doesn’t fit your new style. But before you go shopping for brand new furniture and decor, ask yourself if there is something you could do to the existing items in your home to make them fit into your new theme. You may have a few items that have seen better days, but they could still be repurposed and made to fit in with your new design. Walk around your home as if it was a department store. Look carefully and you may be surprised at what you already have. Sometimes just moving something to a new home can make it feel brand new. 

Window Treatments 

Window treatments are a huge part of interior design, and they can really make or break a room. If you’re looking to update your home renewing your curtains or blinds is a great cost-effective way to change the style. Adding blinds can make the space more modern or for a luxurious bedroom, you may go for floor-length drapes. Don’t overlook the function of window dressing. Blackout curtains can work well in a bedroom to help with sleep. Adding vertical blinds in a conservatory can help to retain heat and block out sunlight. For inspiration have a look online. Sites such as offer a range of colours and styles which you can match to your décor. This is a great way to make your conservatory feel cosier and more like a room in your home as opposed to an extension of the garden. 

Update Lighting 

Often overlooked, lighting is a great way to enhance your home’s interior. Lighting plays a vital role in creating an atmosphere. When selecting new light fittings in your home, you should consider how you want each room to feel. Lighting can improve your mood and make a space feel cosy. The right lighting can make a small space feel less cramped and can be used to highlight the rooms best features. Adding a lamp to a dark corner of the living room for example, can bring a sudden warmth and ambience that wasn’t there before. 


There is something about a fresh coat of paint that brings life to a space. Painting is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to transform any room. A fresh coat of paint can give your room a new lease on life by adding a burst of colour. The painting will also clean up the space making it feel brand new. Be creative and paint an accent arch or mix colour combinations to give it some personality and style. 

Upscale your Furniture 

This is a great way to save money and be on-trend. There are many ways to breathe new life into old furniture and bring it back to its former glory. Wooden furniture can be updated easily by stripping it down and making it over with a fresh coat of paint or wax. Although this will cost you a small investment of your time you will end up with a unique piece of furniture that would have ended up on the scrap heap. Not only is this budget-friendly it’s also kind to the environment. 


Accessorizing your home is a great way to add character and personality to the space you live in. It can make a house a home. Add framed photos of your family to the walls. Replace your cushion covers or add an inexpensive rug to update and define the space. Whether you’ve got some creative flair or not, you can add some style to your home, have a look at some DIY home décor ideas to inspire you. Make your own dried flower arrangements and add green plants these are great ways to add colour and vibrance to the space.

The great thing about home decor is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your house look nice. In fact, it’s easy to spruce up almost any room without spending anything at all.

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