Quick and easy ways to save money on your garden in 2022

Quick and easy ways to save money on your garden in 2022

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The new year is already upon us, and while the winter months are keeping us indoors and wrapped up tightly, the warmer summer weather will arrive sooner than expected, so it’s always a good time to start thinking about preparing your garden

Interested in upgrading or refreshing your home’s outdoor space in 2022, but unsure of where to start? To help provide some inspiration and ideas on what you might like to try, we’ve put together this short guide, showing some affordable and easy ways you might like to try in order to achieve your ideal outdoor space. Read on and get inspired to tackle your next home DIY project!

Switching to Artificial Grass

Having a neat, freshly cut and well bordered lawn space is one of the key factors in maintaining an inviting and pleasant looking garden. However, particularly for those with busy working lives, it can be difficult trying to find the time to regularly cut and keep a healthy lawn, and have it looking the way you want all year round.

It’s for this reason that artificial grass is becoming an increasingly popular modern alternative, surging in demand during the initial lockdown in 2020 and continuing to rise in popularity as more and more people learn of the many benefits. Leading UK supplier Grass Warehouse, for instance, stock high-quality fake grass rolls that are durable and long-lasting, achieving the just-cut look for less and requiring a lot less maintenance. 

Bordering Your Lawn Space

This is a simple solution, but again if you’re looking to achieve a neat and tidy garden lawn space, then it can be a good solution. Installing bordering along your freshly cut lawn or grass patch in your backdoor area will help to better shape the space and keep it looking the way that you originally intended, as well as helping to prevent weeds and other plant life getting in. 

Working with a larger garden space and unsure of how to tie different elements together? Garden bordering can also be a great way of segmenting spaces in the garden, such as flower beds and sides of the main lawn running up to neighbouring fences.

Adding Some Fresh Colours

A fresh coat of paint might seem like the sort of solution you’d think of when coming up for your homes interior rather than outdoor space, but it can also work when rejuvenating a garden, too. Got a tired and worn-down looking shed? As well as thinking of a vertical element to help the walls – such as some hanging baskets or shelves with plant life, you could also think of a bold colour wave to make it feel fresh and new. 

Colour-coordinating your garden can go further than just the greens of your lawn, too. For flowers in pots and planters running along the garden, you might also decide to repaint and decorate to give the garden the right finishing touches on a budget. And of course, painting the garden fence is a tried and tested way to make your garden feel like a more inviting space you can sit and enjoy once summer arrives.

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