7 Valentine's Day crafts for your toddler

7 Valentine’s Day crafts for your toddler

When it comes to celebration days it is always nice to get the children involved and Valentine’s Day is a lovely one to celebrate with your children. Most toddlers love the chance to get crafty and enjoy being creative, and there are so many lovely Valentine’s Day crafts for your toddler that you can do. With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the best ones that you can try. 

Handprint photo frame

Salt dough is a great item to create and can help you to make some amazing things with your children. One lovely option would be a handprint photo frame. You could do this with your own handprint and your little ones. Make the salt dough and then place your hands onto it and make a print. Do the same with your child. Inside the hands, cut out a heart shape. Then bake them. Once they are baked and cool, paint them whatever colour you like but red would be a good choice. Then once the paint is dry play a picture behind the heart shape hole and stick it to the back. 

Toilet roll heart-shaped stamps 

A really easy craft to do with toddlers especially if they love to paint is using a simple toilet roll and turning it into a shape of a heart by folding it inwards at one point. Then get your little one to dip one in the paint and then create a masterpiece of hearts. You could have a couple of toilet rolls for different coloured paints and let them get creative. This is a good idea for plain pieces of paper and also cards. 

Salt dough footprint keepsake 

Another idea for salt dough would be to use footprints and create a lovely heart-shaped keepsake. You can do this by creating some salt dough and then placing one foot to print at an angle, and then placing the other foot at the same point of the heel but outwards in the opposite direction to create a heart shape. Once the footprints are done you can then cut around them in a circle or heart shape again and bake the salt dough until it becomes hard. Then when the salt dough has cooled you can get your little ones to paint it. Perhaps painting the feet in a different colour or writing their name and age onto it. 

Finger painting 

Finger painting is a great way for little ones to develop fine motor skills and can be a lot of fun. If you were hoping to incorporate finger painting with Valentine’s Day crafts then there are a few things that you can do. Cut out a heart shape and then let your little ones enjoy finger painting within the heart in different colours. Keep to the theme and have pinks and reds. Or if your little ones are a little older then carefully doing two fingerprints at an angle that joins at the bottom will help to create small and intricate heart shapes. 

Creating pictures out of crafty items 

If you are stuck on ideas then head to your craft essentials and see what you can come up with. There are many ways to create cards and pictures using pipe cleaners, tissue paper, and card. You can get your little ones to cut out heart shapes, or use different craft items to “colour in” a heart or other Valentine’s Day inspired picture. 

Handprint love bug card

You might be looking for something a little different than a standard heart-shaped craft so why not create a love bug card instead? Using one hand that has been dipped in red paint create your handprint on a card and then leave it to dry. Then when decorating the card or picture turn the handprint upside down, add some black dots to the back and antennas, and you are done. You could even use other craft items like pipe cleaners for the antennas, googly eyes, and tissue paper to create the finished look. 

Paper plate love birds

Finally, paper plates are great for crafts, and while you can cut out heart shapes with them why not try making some paper plate love birds instead? You could cut out the bird shape and then let your little ones decorate them with paints, glitter, or other crafty items you might have at home. Again it is a little different than the standard heart theme we see on Valentine’s Day but can still be very effective. 

Hopefully, these ideas will have you inspired for Valentine’s crafts for your toddler. 


7 Valentine's Day crafts for your toddler

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