How to Use the London Underground: A Beginners Guide

How to Use the London Underground: A Beginners Guide

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London is full of fascinating things, including the London underground. Many people who travel to London enjoy taking the train system to get from one point to the next. The best part is that you can get many short stay serviced apartments in London here and use the train system conveniently. 

However, manoeuvring around the London underground can be a bit overwhelming if you have never used it before. But do not worry because you can get used to it quickly. This article will help you know everything about the London underground before you get there. 

A Simple Guide to the London Underground

Know How to Get from One Point to the Next 

This is usually the most challenging for most tourists in the city. Thankfully, you can easily get the map of the tube to know the best routes to take. Alternatively, you can download a mobile app that shows you everything, including how long it will take to move from point A to B. Every line or route is named and has different colours, which makes it easy for anyone to know the lines. 

Get an Oyster Card 

You do not want to travel without an Oyster card because you will have to pay for the travel. The Oyster is a credit card that allows you to make payments conveniently and easily. Also, note that the London train does not accept cash, meaning you must have this card for a better experience. The card can be bought from the stations around London. You can also get a visitor Oyster credit card online before going to London. 

Know the Operating Times 

The trains do not continuously operate 24/7. They run from 5:30 am to midnight from Monday to Saturday. All the train schedules are always indicated, and you can check them at the station to ensure you board the train at the right time. 

It is also essential to know peak hours, especially if you are trying to avoid overcrowding. Peak hours are usually from 6:30 am to 9:30 am and 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Monday to Friday. If you want to board the train to enjoy the experience, avoid going to the London underground during these times. 

Know the Priority Seats 

It is important to be aware of those who are disabled, including pregnant mothers on the train. The first seats are always reserved for these people, but you can always use them if there is no one to use them. 

Understand the Procedure 

If you want to use the London Underground successfully, it is crucial to know the procedure to avoid confusion. Here is how you need to use the London Underground: 

  • Get into an underground station 
  • Tap your Oyster card on the card reader to go through the gate 
  • Find the right train to take you where you want 
  • Get on the train and ride it 
  • Tap the same Oyster card to the card reader to exit 


Knowing how to use the London Underground will save you time and give you the best experience. Learning how to manoeuvre around is not as hard as you think. So long as you have the map or mobile app for the tube, you will successfully use the London Underground.

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