How We'll Be Staying Warm This Winter

How We’ll Be Staying Warm This Winter

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Simply Hike. All opinions are our own. 

We have been extremely lucky this year in that we have had a wonderfully hot summer but you never really know when the weather can turn. One day, like today while I’m writing this post, it’s chucking it down with rain, but just the other day there was glorious sunshine. You really have to be prepared for anything and this means having certain items of clothes ready before a new season even starts. As we live quite near the coast we often feel the wind and the cold a lot more than some other places. Last year was especially cold, especially when we had the week of insane amounts of snow and pretty much the whole country coming to a stop because of it. I don’t think we were prepared enough for something like that last year, in any respect, so this year is going to be different.

We have awful storage heaters and while they do keep our living room sort of warm, sometimes it’s just not enough and they also cost a fortune to keep on all of the time. Having a 24+ft living room really takes some heating with and storage heaters, you have to wait until the right time of day etc. for them to be working to their fullest. So, with the hopes of not having these on quite so much I have invested in an oil filled heater this year. This heater really helps to heat the living room up quickly and we don’t need to keep it on all of the time which means we save on electricity. Of course, these aren’t ideal ways of keeping our house warm but they’ll have to do until we eventually get central heating.

North Face jacket

Both John and I hate being cold when we’re out and about. I often have to take Erin to nursery when it’s cold and raining and John’s walk to and from the train station for work can be really unpleasant if the weather isn’t on his side. John unfortunately lost (left it on the train) his winter coat earlier in the year so we have been looking for something new for this year. Simply Hike got in touch at just the right time to tell us about their men’s ski jacket range. If you think about it, a ski jacket would be a great idea for a winter coat because they are designed for being in cold climates!

North Face jacket

However, if a ski jacket isn’t your thing, they also have loads of other options, such as the North Face jacket that John has. This coat is completely waterproof, breathable and has a roll-away hood so it can be hidden away when you don’t need it.

John went for a jacket, rather than a full winter coat so that he can wear layers. Some days John might wear his work shirt and a hoodie and if you add a thick winter coat to that it could be too bulky and a bit too warm. A slightly lighter option that is still waterproof, teamed up with extra layers underneath is a great way to stay both warm and dry in winter without overdoing it. It also allows him a bit of extra room for playing outside with Erin even when it’s cold and wet. We hate being stuck indoors so definitely don’t want to let the cold stop us having fun this year.

Erin and John playing

There are loads of ways to help stay warm in winter and luckily, something like a new coat is an easy option. What do you do to keep warm in the winter? 


How We'll Be Staying Warm This Winter

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