Looking After Yourself In The Colder Months

AD | Collaborative post My favourite months in the year are the warmer ones. I feel like I’m always looking forward to summer when I can get outside more, open all of the windows in the house and wear sandals for as long as possible. The sun definitely makes me feel more motivated, more energised and generally a lot happier. However, in the winter months it’s harder not only to get outdoors but also to have the motivation to do anything. With that in mind, I wanted to share some ideas for how to look

5 Great Box Sets To Watch This Winter

During the colder months it’s easy to want to stay home more often. It’s cold and wet outside so where better to spend your free time than snuggled up on the couch with a blanket and some delicious snacks. With maybe more time on your hands than in summer you might be looking for something new to watch. I love a good box set to binge watch so here are some box sets to watch this winter: Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy was something I put off watching for the longest time. I don’t know why

How To Stay Warm Through A British Winter

AD | Collaborative post Winter has well and truly hit us this month and I am particularly feeling the cold. We live in an old Victorian semi which has floorboards with gaps and draughts everywhere so staying warm can be a little bit tricky sometimes. If, like me, you’re struggling with the lower temperatures then here are some ideas for how to stay warm through a British winter! Stock up on firewood If you have an open fire like us, or a wood burner, then you’ll know that you can end up going through quite

5 Reasons Why I Love Winter

Winter is not my favourite season an in fact, it’s my least favourite of all of the seasons. However, there is always a way to look for the positives and instead of concentrating on the things I hate about winter I thought I’d write about some of the things I love about winter. Hot Chocolate I don’t drink hot drinks any other time of the year but as soon as it gets cold and the heating gets turned on it makes me want a hot chocolate. I love making my own at home and do

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter

I have said many times that buying an old house that needed fixing up may not have been my best idea ever. However, it got us on the property ladder and we have now lived here for 4 and a half years! However, the house was built in 1900 and in winter it can get really cold, especially if there are strong winds outside. We’re slowly working on making our house warmer each year so today I’m sharing some ways to keep your home warmer this winter: Close your curtains Even though we have double glazed

How We’ll Be Staying Warm This Winter

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Simply Hike. All opinions are our own.  We have been extremely lucky this year in that we have had a wonderfully hot summer but you never really know when the weather can turn. One day, like today while I’m writing this post, it’s chucking it down with rain, but just the other day there was glorious sunshine. You really have to be prepared for anything and this means having certain items of clothes ready before a new season even starts. As we live quite near the coast we often

The First Snow

This year the 30th November was a pretty magical day. This was the day we had the first snow of the winter. Erin was only 1 in January when we last had snow and she doesn’t remember it at all. When we woke up on the 30th it was a really miserable wet day. I had seen pictures on Facebook from people who live close by of the snow and  was a bit jealous we didn’t have any. Luckily, it didn’t take long for the first snow to fall! When it first started it took