What We’ve Been Watching: September 2018

What We’ve Been Watching is a monthly feature where we talk about everything we’ve been watching over the past month. It might be something on Netflix, Sky or even just a DVD we’ve had for years but wanted to watch again. If we’ve been watching something new we’ll talk about that too!

*May contain spoilers so read with caution!

American Horror Story: Coven and Hotel

With the new series of American Horror Story, Apocalypse, starting in the US earlier this month and today in the UK we have been having a bit of a catch up. I have seen all of the previous series but John hadn’t and as Apocalypse has a few cross overs, I thought John needed to watch these 2 series.

For some reason, I remember not really loving Coven the first time around but I actually loved it this time. God knows what I was thinking the first time I watched it because it was awesome and I can’t wait to see what the witches are doing in Apocalypse.

Big Brother

So, Big Brother seems to finally be coming to an end after 18 long years. I have watched both the celebrity version this month and the regular version as well.

The celebrity version came with a lot of controversy attached to it thanks to Roxanne Pallett as well as other going on in the house. To start with, I wasn’t so sure about whether I would like the series or not because I didn’t really know many of the people in it but in the end, I couldn’t stop watching.

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair

Sky Witness and Sky One are the channels to watch at the moment and we have so much recorded on Sky+ to catch up on. John wasn’t too bothered about this one so I have been watching on my own.

I’ll be honest, I was drawn to this one because of Patrick Dempsey and I’m not even sure why because I don’t really like him that much. I’ve only watched 2 episodes so far so I’m not completely up to date but I was hooked as soon as I put it on. This is based on a novel (that I haven’t read) so I don’t know what’s going on really yet.


9-1-1 is a show I have been waiting for since I heard about it. You may have realised by now if you read these posts regularly that I love Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and will pretty much watch anything with their name on. 9-1-1 is no exception and the wait was well worth it.

I haven’t seen a show this exciting in quite some time (Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t count) and we are always so sad every time an episode ends. Wednesday nights have now become our new favourite.

Have you been watching any of these this month? Let me know! 


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