How & Why You Should Build Positive Relationships with Your Child's Teachers

How & Why You Should Build Positive Relationships with Your Child’s Teachers

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Having a good relationship with your child’s teachers provides a number of benefits to both you and the teachers at the school. It will provide a lot more access for children, as well as liaising with teachers on crucial elements where required. It’s why it’s a great idea for parents to get involved in their child’s education and make lasting relationships with their teachers.

In this guide from an independent school in Cheshire we explore why it’s important to build a positive relationship with your child’s teachers, and the benefits it will bring to you and your child.

How to build a relationship with teachers

It can be as easy as conversing with them in the car park, all the way through to your child expressing their concerns in class. You may find that a struggling child is the main reason why you’ll approach their teachers, but events, social groups and parent association meetings will help you open up to your child’s teachers. Don’t overcomplicate things, and don’t stress if teachers don’t have a lot of time to spare – they’re busy people after all!

Here are some reasons why building a relationship with your child’s teachers is hugely beneficial. 

You get to see how your child is doing in school

Your teacher is going to really appreciate you trying to help your own child with their studies. The best way to help with this will of course be having regular chats with teachers and gauging where your child is at. This makes sure that you can help your child in the best way, and they’re going to greatly benefit from the extra support they receive from you and their teachers as a result.

You can help your child’s teachers understand their learning style

A lot of children will have their own kinds of learning styles and how they appreciate what they’re being taught. Your teacher is only human and can work with what they’re given, so your teacher could potentially accommodate your child’s experience in the classroom if they’re given advice from parents.

Parents’ evenings will be a breeze

Having a good relationship with your child’s teachers, where you converse often and know how your child is doing, makes the dreaded parents’ evening much easier to manage. For starters, you’re going to already know a lot about how your child is doing through regular conversations. There won’t be many surprises, if any, on the day, so your child will feel much more engaged in these evenings, and have a better relationship with their teachers alone.

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