Early Learning Environments: What are They and Why are They Important?

AD | Collaborative post Thinking of sending your child to an early learning environment? Then you are not alone. Currently there are just over 339,000 children aged 4 or 5 enrolled in a pre-school programme in Australia. A figure that rose by 1.3% over the previous year. While several studies have determined that preschool-aged children tend to learn more in environments where they enjoy secure relationships with adults they trust, and who are responsive and caring. Some parents are still reticent about sending their child to an early learning environment. In this article we will

How to Raise a Team Player

AD | Collaborative post Teams are found almost everywhere and the ability to work in one effectively is hugely desirable to employers. It comes with an awareness of those around you, selflessness, and an understanding that you’re working towards the same goal. While they will get plenty of practice at school through group work, there are various ways in which you can help your child to strengthen this skill and become a strong team player. We’ve teamed up with an independent school to share some of these with you below. The School House System At

Preparing for back to school with Books2Door

AD | Collaborative post The summer holidays always go far too quickly and by the time we know it, we’re preparing for our children to start a new year at school. We don’t like to go the whole summer without doing anything educational though and this year we’ve been helping Erin to prepare for Year 2 with Books2Door.

Understanding Your Child’s Curriculum

AD | Collaborative post Learning about the curriculum will help you to be more involved in your child’s education as a parent. It outlines the key milestones that they must meet at the different stages of their education and how they will be assessed. This is something that is fairly easy to research as the national curriculum is adopted by the majority of schools in the UK. It sets out the minimum levels of teaching to be delivered. Included in this are the compulsory subjects that they must be taught such as PE, English and

Back to school essentials

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) It feels like we wait so long for the summer holidays to come around and then they are over before we know it. It’s now time to start thinking about getting prepared for the return to school in September. In not so many weeks we’ll be packing those school bags again so today I’m sharing some back to school essentials!

Children’s book review: So you think you’ve got it bad? A kid’s life in Prehistoric times

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links This week’s children’s book review is all about So you think you’ve got it bad? A kid’s life in Prehistoric times by Chae Strathie and Marisa Morea. It was published by Nosy Crow and The British Museum and can be purchased on Amazon.

Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with Outschool

AD | Collaborative post Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service this year. Exciting celebrations are going on around the country and schools are getting involved with the children too. However, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee with your children; this could be with super fun classes on Outschool. 

The Importance of English Literature in Schools

AD | Collaborative post English Literature is a popular yet important subject taught in schools in the UK. As part of a school’s requirement to teach English, Language and Literature subjects are usually separated to give your child the best chance at developing their skills within both fields.  Literature focuses more on the study of stories, novels and other forms of writing, whereas Language particularly focuses on the way English has developed and how it has changed over the course of history.