5 ways you can eat healthier

5 ways you can eat healthier

Summer is officially on its way so it’s natural for us to think about getting healthier and more active. It’s got something to do with the lighter evenings and the sun shining. However, after a winter of eating a good helping of carbohydrates and a dose of junk food it can be hard to get into a new healthy eating regime. So I thought I would share with you five ways to eat healthier this summer. 

Think about your whole diet

First of all, you need to look at your whole diet. What do you consume a lot of? Perhaps you may want to consider having a complete overhaul of your diet. You could consider changing your diet and looking into something more plant-based. There are some fantastic companies out there that produce ingredients to help you keep on track. You may not want to go as extreme as that. So look at the foods that you know aren’t good for you and try and cut them out as best you can. 

Reduce the amount of sugar you have in your diet

Sugar seems to be in everything we buy. You will even find it in a glass jar of salsa if you check the label. We all tend to naturally have a sweet tooth. So if you can start to cut out the sugar you know you are consuming then you will be taking steps in the right direction. You could go to the extreme of looking into a completely sugar-free diet. There are many plans and advice on the internet that you can read. 

Think about having only good carbohydrates

Some carbohydrates are good for us. Other’s can add to weight gain. So try and be healthy with your choices and increase the whole grains in your diet. Wholewheat pasta and rice are a good swap to normal white pasta and rice. It is also a good idea to keep carbohydrates to a minimum for your evening meal. If you can avoid them completely even better. This is because they take a while to digest and so when you are asleep they can sit in your stomach and add to weight gain. 

Don’t drink your calories

We can all enjoy a glass of wine, but some of us can be guilty of drinking our calories. Did you know that one glass of wine contains 83 calories? If you consume a few in an evening, it can add up. Of course, drinking a glass of wine every now and again has its plus points. It can help prevent heart disease and prevent clots in your blood. So just be mindful of the amount of your drink. 

Preparation is key

Finally, preparation is key to a good healthy eating plan. Writing a list before you go to the shops will mean you will avoid buying food you don’t need. Planning your meals in advance will also help you keep on track. Especially on those busy days where you would normally order in. You may also want to do your research so you are aware of what food is good for you and what you should avoid. 

I hope this guide helps you get healthier this summer


5 ways you can eat healthier

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