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Ideas About Involving Your Dog In Your Wedding

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People adore their dogs, so it makes sense for them to include these cherished family pets in their weddings somehow. There are many ways to guarantee your best canine friend is part of your wedding day, depending on the kind of ceremony, the location, and who is attending. Here are some suggestions on how to ensure this happens if it’s what you and your spouse genuinely want. 

Make Your Dog A Guest 

The most obvious way to involve your pet in your wedding is to have them attend the ceremony and perhaps the reception. In other words, invite them as a guest. This isn’t always feasible; for example, there may be animal-related restrictions in your selected wedding venue. However, if you can do so, it’s a wonderful method of making them a significant part of your day. Your dog must be on its best behaviour, so dog training in advance may be required as part of your wedding preparations.

Remember that, as much as you may like the thought of having your dog attend your wedding, there are certain things to consider beforehand, such as what will they eat? Make sure to order some high-quality food from so you and your guests aren’t tempted to feed them your food. 

Also, consider the following:

  • Is there room for a dog?
  • Will there be enough water? 
  • Do you live near to home? 
  • Where will they spend the night (if you’re not going home and will be staying at your venue)? 
  • Does your dog like being in big groups? 
  • Will there be any other animals present? 
  • Is there someone who can look after your dog while you have your photos done, and so on? 
  • Will any of your visitors be allergic to your pet?

Mention Them In Your Speeches

If your dog is unable to physically attend the ceremony and reception for practical reasons, you can certainly recognize how important they are to you in your wedding speeches. If you aren’t having speeches or creating your own, why not incorporate your dog in your vows? You might, for example, include a phrase about taking care of your pet between you or being happy to take on the responsibility if he or she belonged to your new spouse originally. 

Cake Decorations 

Wedding cakes are a beautiful custom that many couples design to reflect their personalities and favourite things. Instead of the typical white and flowery wedding cakes of the past, contemporary wedding cakes can contain a variety of themes and decorations, and many brides and grooms prefer to have icing and fondant scenes of their life created and put on the cake.

If you want your dog to be a part of your wedding, have the cake maker make a fondant version that will sit on top of the cake with its fondant owners. This is a unique and entertaining way to involve your dog that your guests are sure to appreciate.

Buy A Cardboard Cutout 

If your dog can’t attend in person, a cardboard cutout of your beloved pet can sit at the top table with you and be a part of your festivities. Although not as good as the real thing, your dog will be there in spirit, and the cardboard cutout will serve as a conversation piece for your guests; they won’t forget your wedding in a hurry! 

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