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How to choose amazing presents for children

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Sometimes it can be really hard to buy gifts for children, especially if you don’t know them that well. A lot of us will have nieces, nephews, grandchildren or maybe our own children’s friends to buy for but have no idea where to start. It can be hard to pick something you know they are going to like and a lot of people don’t like to give money or vouchers. In this post I’m going to share some tips for buying brilliant children’s presents with the help of Wicked Uncle.

Ask for ideas

One of the more obvious places to start is by asking the person you’re buying for what they might like or what they are interested in. This is a great idea if it’s someone you are likely to see in person, or can call quite easily. However, this doesn’t always work if the recipient isn’t a close friend or family member.

Another option for finding out what someone might like is to ask their parents, especially when you’re buying for a child. This is a great idea for when you’re buying for children’s friends as it’s likely you don’t know them well enough to know what they are into. You could ask your children as well in this situation but chances are they will say something impossible or something they would actually like themselves. I know this is the kind of answer I would get from my 5 year old.

Find somewhere good to shop

If you’re still not sure about what you’re going to buy then the key to success if finding the right place to shop. When it comes to children’s presents, Wicked Uncle is a fantastic choice. Wicked Uncle offers some fantastic gift ideas for a huge range of ages, from babies all the way up to people over 100. Yes, over 100! Really, what that means is that there is something on the website for pretty much everyone and all ages.

Wicked Uncle Homepage

Narrow it down

The great thing about the Wicked Uncle website is that there are so many ways to narrow down your options. A lot of websites make it like looking for a needle in a haystack and sometimes you really don’t know where to start, or even know what to search for.

Not only can you search by refining to boys, girls or everyone but you can choose to look at products for specific ages or an age range. What I also like is that you can even narrow your search down more by picking a category such a creative gifts or adventure gifts. This can be so helpful if you’re feeling a bit stuck or a bit indecisive. You might end up finding the perfect present that you didn’t know you were looking for.

Choose a budget

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for presents is the budget. I always find it really tempting to go outside of a budget, especially if you have found something really cool that you think someone might like. Having a firm budget in place will really help you narrow down your choice of gift. On the Wicked Uncle website, no matter what category you’ve chosen to look at, you can organise the options from either the lowest or the highest price.

Make the final decision

After all of that searching it’s time to finally make your decision. After browsing the Wicked Uncle website you’re going to have lots of inspiration. Hopefully you’ll have found at least a few things that fit the person you’re buying for and you might have even come across a few things for other people at the same time!


How to choose amazing presents for children

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