Interesting Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Megève

Interesting Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Megève

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Megève, a charming alpine village nestled in the French Alps, offers many outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. 

Surrounded by breathtaking mountain landscapes, lush meadows, and picturesque valleys, this destination is a haven for those looking to engage in outdoor pursuits. 

From the varieties of pleasant winter activities to summer explorations, Megève guarantees extraordinary experiences in each season. In this article, I’ll discuss some fun outdoor activities you can explore in Megève.

Best Winter Delights

Below are some nice winter delights you can explore:

Skiing and snowboarding

Megève is prestigious for its a-list ski slopes and unblemished powder. With various runs catering to all skill levels, beginners and experts can carve their way down the slopes.


Snowshoeing allows you to explore serene trails through snow-covered forests for a quieter winter adventure. This offers a unique perspective of the surrounding beauty.

Sleigh rides

Experience the romance of the Alps on a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Wind through snow-covered landscapes while cuddled under blankets.

Year-Round Fun Activities

Here are some exciting activities you can try year-round in Megève:


Megève is known for its broad network of hiking and climbing trails. These take special care of all levels of fitness.

Discover breathtaking vistas, alpine lakes, and charming hamlets as you explore the diverse terrain.

Mountain biking

During the warmer months, the slopes turn into thrilling mountain biking trails.

This offers opportunities for adrenaline-packed downhill rides and leisurely forest trails.


Soar above the valleys and take in panoramic views of Mont Blanc while tandem paragliding. The sensation of flying amidst the mountains is truly exhilarating.


The Megève Golf Course offers a unique golfing experience with stunning mountain backdrops. Play a round while breathing in the fresh alpine air.


The streams and lakes around Megève give fantastic opportunities for fishing. Whether you are an eager fisherman or a beginner hoping to take a stab at fly fishing.

4 Nice Summer Escapes

Below are some cool things to do in summer:

Climbing and Via Ferrata

Adventure seekers can scale the alpine rock faces or try the Via Ferrata routes. It’s equipped with iron rungs and cables for a secure climbing experience.

Hot air ballooning

Soar above the mountains in a hot air balloon. Here, you’ll witness the beauty of Megève from a unique and serene vantage point.


Electric bikes are great for touring mountains. Use an e-bike to explore the high paths easily, making it open to a more extensive scope of wellness levels.

Outdoor yoga

Join a yoga session amidst the mountains.This helps you to connect with nature and find serenity in the alpine surroundings.

Family-Friendly Fun

Here are some amazing activities you can explore with your family:

Adventure parks

Experience the thrill of treetop obstacle courses and zip lines in adventure parks. Many of them are designed for both adults and children.

Swimming and water activities

Megève offers swimming pools and natural lakes. These are perfect for cooling off during the summer months.

Pony rides

Children can enjoy pony rides through the village and surrounding meadows. They create cherished memories of their time in the mountains.


Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply someone looking to be immersed in the beauty of nature, Megève offers an array of activities that cater to every preference and season. With its staggering scenes and many choices to explore, this great alpine will charm your heart and leave you with remarkable memories. Finally, you may need a relaible partner like Fée Pour Vous to help you plan your vacation in Megeve. Visit to learn more.

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