Irish Fairy Door Company Review

I always knew that I wanted Erin’s bedroom to have a woodland theme. My mum’s surname is Fox so I wanted to incorporate that into the room. I had the idea that Erin’s room would be this magical, woodland dream but it has been quite hard work. While I love her room, there is more that I could do to make it that bit more special. The Irish Fairy Door Company recently helped us out with adding something extra!

The starter Fairy Door pack comes really nicely packaged. I can imagine anyone getting this as a gift would be really pleased because it all looks great in the box. The starter set comes with a magic key in a bottle, three stepping stones, the Family / Fairy Lease Agreement, a notepad for your fairy and the Fairy Welcome Guide.

The idea is that once you have placed the door, stepping stones and key together in their new, special place, a fairy will be able to come and live there. On that day, the key will disappear! The child and fairy both then have to sign the lease agreement. From there, the possibilities are endless.

As Erin is too young to really understand this yet I’m planning on using ours just to add that magical feel to her bedroom. We have been able to create a really special home for our fairy with the addition of the Rainbow Wall Art Pack and Fairy Mail Box. I can’t wait to help Erin write notes to her fairy and vice versa, leaving them in the mail box overnight. Erin’s fairy door is in one of the squares of her IKEA Kallax shelves and eventually, it would be really nice to get a few more accessories and make the whole square a home for the fairy.

I love that the Fairy Door is suitable for outside use as well. It’s recommended that you paint it twice a year in clear varnish though to keep it looking nice. I think this would make a fantastic entrance to a secret fairy garden built into a raised planter. I’m very tempted to do this for Erin! If you had two they could be portals to each other!

For additional fairy fun, you can register online for ideas, games and much more!

Have you heard of the Irish Fairy Door Company before? What do you think of it?

Disclaimer: We received these items for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.


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