Jackson’s first op!

Last week John’s dad decided to pay us a surprise visit which meant he stayed with us for a couple of days. He hadn’t seen the house yet since we moved in last April and he also hadn’t met Jackson. Well, Jackson took a strong liking to John’s dad which ended up in us deciding to get him neutered. I had always wanted to get him done anyway but this pushed me to actually making the appointment. I was expecting a bit of a wait but I called on Monday and had an appointment for Thursday!

Jackson did2015-06-26 11.55.02 really well and came out of the anaesthetic really quickly and was back to his monstrous self quite quickly according to the nurses. When we got him him with his cone of shame on he was not happy. He wanted to play like normal and it took him some time to get used to eating and drinking with it on. He was more annoyed that he couldn’t play with his toys normally or go in the garden than anything else.

Now that he’s been home a day I’ve started letting him have the collar off for a bit at a time and keeping a careful eye on him in case he goes to lick the stitches. Thankfully he hasn’t tried that too much. He really has to keep it on for 7-10 days while he heals and isn’t allowed to do too much playing or running around, the poor thing!

It breaks my heart to see him so fed up and feeling sorry for himself but it was for the best in the long run!

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