Jackson’s got a girlfriend

Not long after we took a risk and let Jackson off the lead at the park and he started to socialise with other dogs, he met a lady dog he likes quite a bit. One day he was running around chasing his ball when I spotted another champagne GSD. In a town as small as ours, it’s not a common sight. In fact, you don’t see them around much at all no matter where you are!

The owner quickly came over because he thought our dog was his at one point and he had to come and see Jackson for himself. His dog Kia made friends with Jackson instantly. They ran around together, chased balls together and licked each other a bit. Not only was it nice to see Jackson playing so nicely with other dogs but also to see him take such an interest in one dog in particular.

Since that first meeting, we have taken Jackson back to the park specifically to see Kia. She and her owners only live around to corner from us so it is easy to go to the park at the same time as them and that way the dogs have someone to play with. Kia is a little rough with Jackson sometimes and she definitely likes to show him that she’s the boss. She steals his balls and sits on them so he can’t get them, poor lad! However, he doesn’t seem to care!

I absolutely love seeing the dogs together, especially when they realise the other is on the park. The go bounding over to each other and they run the fastest I have ever seen them run. I love the fact that Jackson’s got a lady friend and her owners are pretty nice too!

2016-03-19 17.30.45

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