KatyKicker’s 30 Day Declutter Challenge

Today Ive got a guest post from Katy, otherwise known as Katykicker. Katy is a blogger and loves making and saving money. Katy likes to share her knowledge with her readers on a variety of topics including making and saving money online, parenting, being an allotment holder and home organisation.

I don’t know about you by clutter is the bane of my life at times. There seems to be little piles of items that just accumulate around my home. Since having my daughter in March 2016 this has just got worse and worse! I have taken on a 30 day declutter challenge recently and now I want to share it with my readers to help them too.

My 30 day declutter challenge starts TODAY! It is FREE to join, everyone is welcome and there is even an accompanying Facebook group to go alongside it as well. I’d love you to join me and I’m really excited to get as many people as possible on board.

I have set a 30 day declutter challenge so that in just 10-15 minutes per day you can declutter your entire home, make some extra cash and in the process have to spend less time cleaning. The less items you have around the home the less time you will spend cleaning.

My declutter challenge isn’t designed to make you throw out items you love, or sell everything that you’ve ever bought. It is just designed to help you gently manage the decluttering of your home so that you can have more space, feel less stressed and live a better life in the process.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to my blog and join the 30 day declutter challenge now! There is a FREE printable for you to download and you can join my Facebook group – organise your home and life with Katykicker.

My course isn’t designed to sell you anything, or charge you for downloading printables. It is just a free course designed to help everyone declutter their home, feel freer and get ready for the Christmas deluge that is just around the corner!

I’ll be taking part in Katy’s 30 day declutter challenge, starting today with a car boot sale! Fingers crossed I do well!

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