Songmics Toy Storage Unit

Songmics Toy Storage Unit Review

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Although we have a pretty decent sized house, something we really lack is storage. Erin’s toys could probably take over the world and with Christmas soon upon us, I have realised that I need some extra storage. Songmics are a top 50 seller on Amazon and have loads of home decor and storage products. We have been kindly sent the Toy Storage Unit Review to review.

The Toy Storage Unit Review comes delivered in a slim box which includes:

  • 2 side panels
  • 8 poles
  • 16 screws
  • Anti topple wall fixings
  • Book storage material
  • 4 small boxes
  • 2 large boxes

I actually really like putting furniture together and I managed to put this one together on my own in about 10 minutes. I think it did help that I put together a bigger storage unit from Next earlier in the year so I sort of already knew how things would go. The only thing I did mess up was the book storage, and it put it on the wrong way around to start with.

The Toy Storage Unit comes, not only with three layers for book storage, but also with 6 storage tubs. Two of the tubs are large and there are 4 smaller tubs which are all the same size. The tubs, and the book storage, is super bright and colourful and it’s really cheerful to look at. As soon as Erin saw it all put together for the first time she said ‘WOW’ so it’s definitely a hit with her.

Songmics Toy Storage Unit

Although we haven’t used this yet, the Toy Storage Unit comes with anti tipple fixings so you can attach the whole unit to the wall. The only reason why we haven’t so far is because I haven’t decided on a permanent spot for it. It’s nice to know that safety has been thought of though. Luckily, the whole unit is quite lightweight and even full of toys, I am able to pick it up and move it when I need to.

At the moment, our unit is in our living room/ dining room as this is where Erin spends most of her time. I have been looking for somewhere to keep some of her books for quite some time now and this is absolutely perfect. Erin is able to have a mixture of both board books and picture books and she’s able to see what’s there. Even better, she can reach them herself, apart from the back shelf.

Songmics Toy Storage Unit

As we already have another big storage unit in the living room, where Erin cannot reach anything, it’s really nice to be able to keep a smaller selection of toys in this unit. I like to swap Erin’s toys around once a week so she doesn’t get bored easily. Now that we have this unit, Erin can get to the her toys for the week herself and I can also start to teach her how to put them away properly after she’s done playing. Well, I can try anyway!

The Songmics Toy Storage Unit is available on Amazon for £38.99 and it is worth every single penny!


Songmics Toy Storage Unit Review

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  1. This looks great we have an Ikea Trofast which is great but I love that this one has a bookcase at the to!

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