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Layering Patterns For Any Room

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When choosing something as personal as flooring, you want it to be unique. Do you know that you can do that with more than just the colour? Layering patterns are a simple way to make your flooring stand out and fit in with any room scape. This guide will offer a detailed description of the layering pattern process. Read on to find out more.

Pick your colour scheme

Colour, shades and textures are what makes a house a home. So, when picking the colour of your flooring, make sure it goes with the fixtures and fittings in the relevant room. For optimal calmness and fresh feeling, opt for lighter colours. If you want a warmer, inviting atmosphere then gold and brown tones are the preferred choice. 

The versatility of layering patterns is that it gives you the option to play around with multiple tones when installing your flooring, so you can give as much depth to your flooring as is required.

Get to know the pattern styles

Plank flooring

A timeless classic, plank flooring has made it through many centuries and is even used more commonly in the modern day to reflect a vintage feel in the home. You can play with plank sizes, colours and textures with this easy to lay plank pattern. 


If you have ever found yourself standing on a rustic textured flooring with multiple shade’s, then it’s very likely you were looking at Versailles pattern. Alternatively known as a French pattern, this style consists of four tiles of varied sizes which will add detail or grandeur to any space.

The Hungarian point

This pattern is all about aligning the planks to a 60° angle because this formation adds shape and dynamic to any room but keeps intact the neatness and precision of modern cut flooring. 


Like the Hungarian point, the Fishbone pattern also uses angles within its format. To create this pattern, the planks are laid left to right at 90° angles which overlap each other, until they reach the very corners of the space. This pattern works well in spaces such as the bedroom or living room which need an element of comfort and cosiness.

Make a lasting decision with luxury vinyl flooring

After you have done the relevant research and perhaps created and mood board or Pinterest folder, the it is time to start browsing. Amtico Spacia is a good place to start, it offers a broad colour variation, the real look and feel of real oak and tile flooring. Luvanto offers plenty of flexibility with colour and style options and gives you borders to play around with. Make choosing flooring fun and lasting.  


Layering Patterns For Any Room

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