The Things We Look Forward To

When we first realised that everything was about to change, and for possibly quite a long time, I really didn’t cope very well. I am someone who likes routine, likes to be in control and like to know what’s going to happen next… the opposite of what this current situation is.

Now that we’re a few weeks in though things aren’t quite so bad and we’ve come to find a few things that make things easier and being at home a bit more enjoyable.

Community Fridge

We are very lucky that our town has a community fridge. Every day certain supermarkets donate food that would otherwise go to landfill. It is hosted in a cafe not far from our house and at the moment everything is put outside for people to collect for free each morning. Social distancing is followed really well as people don’t want this to get shut down and police often observe what is going on. We have had things like ready meals, whole pieces of salmon, flowers and even birthday cakes.

We don’t go every day but it’s nice to get things like bread etc. and to stop food going to waste.

Wednesday Bingo

Laura from Tired Mummy of Two hosts Wednesday night bingo, which is sponsored by It’s free to play but there are prizes of Amazon vouchers for 1 line, 2 lines and a full house and we play 2 games each week. We have won a few times so far and the vouchers are being saved up in my Amazon account until I decide what to spend them on. We don’t win loads (£10. £15 and £20 prizes) but it’s nice to have that bit of excitement each week.

Bingo balls

Grey’s Anatomy

After months and months of waiting for it, Grey’s Anatomy is FINALLY showing on Sky. Seeing as it started way back in I think October in the US we have had to wait a long time for season 16. Straight after Bingo me and Mum log off quickly to settle down to watch the newest episode!

Saturday Quiz

Laura also hosts a quiz on a Saturday night and this one is just run by her. The amount of people playing vary each week but it’s also nice to see a few familiar faces each time. We generally do quite well, being third or fourth a few times and also winning once. Somehow we always think the questions are really hard but then do better than we think we will.

John’s Days Off

John is working from home at the minute Monday to Friday, roughly from 8-4 or 430. During this time me and Mum are sorting Erin out and honestly it’s exhausting. It might sound a bit crap but I really look forward to Saturday and Sunday when John is off work. This means that I get to sleep in a bit, get on with my own work and have a bit of a break from what I do every other day of the week.

It’s quite hard to find loads of things to look forward to at the minute, especially when you spend days daydreaming about fish and chips, a massive greasy burger or a trip to the beach. Obviously none of these things can happen so I think it’s really important to find something to look forward to, even small things.

Obviously, with summer being right around the corner we will be looking for more and more things to do with Erin. You can find a really great list of ideas by clicking here. I know we’ll be doing as many of them as possible over the next couple of months. 


The Things We Look Forward To

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